Entire films posted on Twitter after Elon Musk’s arrival

Several thousand employees have left Twitter since the arrival of Elon Musk. This caused major computer flaws, reports “Phonandroid”.

By ThePoint.fr

Nearly 5,000 employees have left Twitter since the arrival of Donald Trump.

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Dince his arrival at the head of Twitter, Elon Musk has dismissed employees in waves. Others left on their own. In some departments, there is simply no one left. This has notably caused serious failures in the copyright protection system, reports the Phonandroid site. Internet users have had fun posting entire films on the platform, such as Fast and Furious, Need for Speed Where Avatar. Movies, yes, but in two-minute sequences. Because the setting that blocks longer videos continues to work.

The pirates therefore posted these films in different threads (series of tweets) which remained online for a long time, for some more than 24 hours. The objective was not to harm the filmmakers, but to show that the actions of Elon Musk weakened Twitter so much that it caused failures even in the services supposed to be autonomous and automatic.

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Further layoffs expected

Internet users around the world fear that Twitter’s survival is hanging by a thread. The platform has already lost nearly 5,000 employees and, according to Bloomberg, Elon Musk does not intend to stop there. Sunday, November 20, the billionaire held a meeting with sales managers. always according to Bloomberg, Elon Musk reportedly asked Robin Wheeler, head of advertising sales, and Maggie Suniewick, head of partnerships, to fire more people. Their response ? No. They were fired…

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