epic encounter between a lynx and a snake

Who do you think, this young lynx or this rattlesnake, will emerge victorious from this confrontation filmed in the United States? Both animals are fearsome predators. The lynx mainly hunts small, fast prey such as lagomorphs or roe deer, but its powerful fangs can also overcome larger animals such as deer or caribou. Rattlesnakes, regardless of species, are venomous. Their haemotoxic venom kills their victim in a few minutes, most often small rodents, and lynx are not immune to it.

Strangeness of the living: have you ever heard lynx talk?

The lynx filmed here looks young, which could be a disadvantage. The confrontation is tense and the feline narrowly avoids the bite of the snake several times. But, after a few minutes of battle, the lynx manages to immobilize the snake with its claws and finishes it off by piercing its skull with a fatal bite. The victorious lynx takes his loot away from the camera, unclear whether he devours the snake or not. In any case, these felines are known to occasionally feed on reptiles. This is a fight that this young feline will remember!

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