Ethereum ETFs approved, when is trading scheduled?

What next for Ethereum ETFs?

If there are many predictions regarding the current price of ETH and its price in the future, there are still some unknowns about Ethereum ETFs.

In fact, although the identity of ETF issuers is well known, no clear announcement has been made by Gary Gensler and the SEC. Moreover, if Bitcoin ETFs were opened for trading quickly, there remains uncertainty about Ethereum ETFs.

As a reminder, when Ethereum ETFs are open for trading, fund managers such as BlackRock, Fidelity and VanEck will all be able to make purchases on behalf of their clients. So the question of when is important, as it is only at this moment that the institutional money comes.

While billions have flowed into Bitcoin in record time, several studies expect hundreds of millions of dollars for Ethereum. But for a definitive answer, we’ll have to wait for trading to open.

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A new historical date to watch

While yesterday is historic and the hardest part is now done, a few more steps need to be taken. As Bitget chief analyst Ryan Lee points out, it’s still imperative for ETF issuers to get their Form S-1 approved. According to analysts at Bitget, this may take some time, with a successful listing within at least 2 to 3 weeks. However, opening a trade can also take 1-2 months in the worst case.

After the SEC made an unexpected and extreme U-turn, it appears that a few details still need to be ironed out. However, since the approval has already taken place, the SEC can give priority to the case.

Naturally, everyone is eagerly awaiting the opening of trading in Ethereum ETFs. In fact, as Ryan Lee reminds us, when funds started pouring into Bitcoin ETFs, the price of BTC rose sharply. This until a new record high.

But still, other cryptocurrencies may see their prices rise in the future. In particular, Ethereum layers-2 is at the forefront of a new rise. Moreover, the Lido token is one of the best altcoins today, only ahead of ONDO. More broadly, the entire Ethereum ecosystem can benefit from successful ETFs. Even more widely, the entire cryptosphere is in panic in anticipation of more other ETFs on tokens like Solana, Shiba Inu or XRP.

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Moral of the story: even after the decision, crypto still depends on the goodwill of the SEC.


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