Ethereum on July 11 – Forced Shutdown for ETH

PEPE reappears. Remember the hype surrounding the same frog-like hook? here is Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2.0), who once became a millionaire ! Aside from a few obscure altcoins, the majority are very low-key right now. For now ethereum price can’t get back to the psychological round number of $2,000. So could it be possible for the sellers to bring the price back down to $1,750?

Ethereum price stagnates in 24 hours

Ethereum is currently trading around 1,850 dollars. THAT ethereum price stagnates in 24 hours and fall next to 5% in one week.

Ethereum Performance Against Different Pairs – Source: Coincheckup

For a month, the price has shown one 7% increase. However, the price shows one reduce close 3% in three months. Ethereum is fragile against the dollar, but also against Bitcoin. Actually the pair reduce over 3% in one week and close by 10% in one month.

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Could Ethereum price fall towards the $1,750 support?

The weekly close brings the price of ETH back to the level of institutional bias (EMA 9/EMA 18) bullish. Here the buyers have the opportunity to react.

Ethereum price may fall towards weekly support around $1,750 - July 10, 2023.
Ethereum Price vs Dollar (1W)

At the moment, buyers can’t push hard enough reclaim the area to $2,000. Therefore, a return to the weekly support level of $1,750 cannot be ruled out. Either way, buyers should keep last trough marked at $1,625 to continue on the momentum that started in early 2023. To possibly return to $2,400, the price must return to the zone at $2,000 as support.

THAT ROI been rejected first time on bullish trend line. But he has the opportunity to mark a deviation below this. For that, it would be necessary to close after 58.

Buyers need to react to the support level at $1,850 in 4 hours

Ethereum is moving at the support level at $1,850. Buyers must act quickly to avoid another wave of declines.

The Ethereum price is currently trading at the support level at $1,850 - July 10, 2023.
Ethereum Price vs Dollar (4H)

Buyers have possibility to react here, and bring the course back to the level of resistance at $1,920. ONE tidy has been up on ETH for more than two weeks between $1,920 and $1,850. We should avoid losing last trough marked at $1,820, as sellers could take advantage of this to bring the price down to $1,770. THAT ROI regains momentum with upward lows and highs but remains firm below the downtrend line. A break of this trend line could lead to upward volatility.

THAT ether price Stay below from level to $2,000 weekly. If the buyers don’t show up soon, the price could go back to $1,750. In time unit 4 in the morningthe price has moved in a range for more than two weeks, between $1,920 and $1,850. The $1,850 support level needs to be reacted here.

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