everything changes when he grows up, the shock of the family!

The kitten is the most coveted animal. Because of its softness and the look, we love it. However, for this family, everything will go wrong!

A kitten like no other

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a garden, the kitten adapts to all situations. Indeed, unlike the dog, he does not ask his owner to get some fresh air several times a day. And that’s pretty bad if you don’t have the material time to go for long walks during the week. This is why, in order to carry out its natural needs, it goes to its litter. And if he has the courage, he puts his nose outside at nightfall. Able to find his way around a neighborhood quickly, his independence is one of his main qualities. When Dasha mentioned the idea of ​​having a pet, her family immediately validated her project. Alas, once at the place of adoption, everything collapses with loss and a crash. Between the most adorable and the most bizarre, his heart swings! Finally, the teenager’s progenitor ends up having the last word. She does not yet know that a terrible tragedy will occur without either of them being able to intervene.

A strange phenomenon

After looking closely at this kitten, its look intrigues as much as it fascinates. However, if he ever gets lost in the area, it will be much easier to find him safe and sound. Faced with this major argument, the small family ends up making up their minds. So they compete in ingenuity to help him feel comfortable. They invest in accessories so that he has fun. In addition, they test all kinds of food for him to gain strength. Of course, in turn, everyone proceeds to the regular change of their litter. Dear reader ofObjeko, as you can see in the photo above, the feline has spots worthy of a… Dalmatian. And the worst part of all this is that they alternate with hair.

Like every kitten, watching them grow up is never pleasant for owners. Indeed, it is like when a child begins to speak and to fend for itself. At first, we are moved. Then we regret the time when they needed our support so much. On the animal side, the physical aspect raises a thousand questions. Even the vet doesn’t understand why he is losing his soft coat and losing weight visibly. No, the Objeko team wants to reassure you. It is not a disease and even less a characteristic linked to his pedigree.

And there, for the owner of the kitten, it’s the cold shower!

Among the Egyptians, the kitten was considered a real star. Often drawn without his hair, we arrive a little ready to get an idea of ​​his majestic look. Therefore, once she identifies all the kinds, Dasha is doubtful. She may turn the problem around in every way or associate two races with each other, she remains unable to grasp her transformation. However, in Russia, a major event in history is anchored in all memories. The Chernobyl disaster, which occurred almost 40 years ago, still has health consequences today. Also, maybe the love of his life was involved in the tragedy? The mystery remains intact. In any case, if Sherlock Homes were around, it would be a priority to explore!

Still, the young teenager ends up tolerating her kitten as it is. And that’s probably the moral of this fairy tale. Too bad if it doesn’t please everyone. It is his ! By agreeing to adopt it in her daily life and in her heart, she will cherish it as long as she can. Moreover, feline experts often point out that they have a sixth sense. Capable of detecting sadness, they do not hesitate to purr against us. These kinds of details are well worth looking into. If you haven’t had the chance to own one yet, you won’t come out unscathed from this experience. So you know what you have to do! Like Jean-Luc Reichmann who cannot do without his three-legged dog Donna, go to the branch of the SPA closest to you. Even if they have a few flaws, that’s what makes them charming! Don’t leave them by the wayside…they need us and the reverse is true!

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