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Do you have money saved and the savings solutions offered by your bank seem uninteresting? In this case, you have definitely thought about trading. In fact, trading is accessible to everyone thanks to various apps and websites. However, you must choose what you want to invest in. If you have some knowledge of the subject, gold is a safe bet to start with.

If you want to start trading in goldhere you will find advice to help you invest in this safe haven.

Why is gold a popular investment?

Gold is known as a safe haven. This means that it tends to maintain its value during inflation. As a result, many people invest in gold. So much soin China, gold is becoming a popular investment.

In Spain, rising inflation means that prices rise, but not only that. Above all, we must understand that currency loses its value and that is why life costs more. In this case, the money saved will also lose its value. By converting this money into a value like gold, it is possible to save your capital.

3 reasons to choose gold for your investments

  • Protection against inflation and deflation

While we often talk about gold in the event of inflation, you should know that it is also a precious asset in the event of deflation. Deflation is characterized by falling prices and therefore a slowdown in industry. It is an unusual situation, which is rarely seen, and which may be a result of the economic crisis, but also of e.g. a war.

  • Barrier to geopolitical crises

When a country is in the grip of geopolitical tensions, its citizens will tend to seek refuge in gold. Gold then becomes a predominant investment when the people lose confidence in their government and leaders.

Since the early 2000s, gold mines have become quite rare, and production is mainly aimed at electronic manufacturing. We can thus consider that it is an almost limited resource, the amount of which is impossible to inflate artificially, as is the case with e.g. a currency. This is what guarantees its stability and means that the value of gold in the future cannot fall to zero.

In addition, demand is constantly increasing, especially thanks to emerging countries such as India, which have a high consumption of gold.

A long-term investment

Unlike the volatile investments in cryptocurrencies, gold is a long-term investment. It is preferable to keep your investment for several years to see it grow, but also to prevent. So if the economy is destabilized for one reason or another, you won’t lose everything.

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