find out how this family lives with 13 Golden Retrievers in the same house!

It is difficult enough to live with a couple of dogs in the same house, for reasons of space, logistics and because keeping a pet requires dedication and significant expenses. Even taking into account all the responsibilities that come with raising a dog, furry pets manage to become a member of the family.

But love of animals can become a challenge when you decide to keep an entire litter, as 24-year-old Californian Collin Standon did. He started with three golden retrievers, Chloe, Sam and Emma. Chloe and Sam had puppies, nine in all, and the question arose: should they be kept or adopted?

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As it turned out, the decision was to keep the full scope and bear the consequences. At the same time, another golden retriever, Buddy, arrived in Collin’s hands, which his family could not take care of, and which the young man decided to adopt. Because, at this point, how important was another dog? Chloe, Emma and Sam were thus joined by Buddy and the nine puppies: Rocky, Moose, Raider, Cowboy, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Missy, Angel and Callie.

A big happy fur family

Collin has a TikTok account where he shows in several videos what it’s like to live with 13 golden retrievers in a house. He documented his account from the birth of the cubs to their growth. Today they have all reached their adult size, and it is a real expedition to take them on a trip. But they are very obedient, loving and playful boys.

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With nearly 12 million likes, Collins’ TikTok account is delighting dog lovers. Many people ask the owner how he takes care of the animals, how he walks them and what he feeds them. Collin shows in his videos the daily life with all these dogs and it is very funny to see how he transports them in his van or how they are arranged in the living room to be comfortable.

The most frequently asked question is: How do you know which is which? The owner seems to have no problem identifying each of his dogs as they have their own personalities and he lives with them 24 hours a day. As expected, comments of admiration flood the social network: ” You are the luckiest family in the world. They are all beautiful“.

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