Five young scouts hospitalized following food poisoning in Beauraing: “I always advise to be attentive to drinking water”

This is a scout unit from Roux, near Charleroi. They are 24 young people in all. The seriousness of the injuries is relatively light but as a precaution, the mayor of the entity, who went there around 3 am, decided to close the camp for at least 48 hours.

This is to allow time for all children to be seen by their attending physician. Parents are asked to pick up their children on Wednesday morning.

According to the mayor, the source of this intoxication could be linked to the water that is used and stored on site: “The food consumed had been purchased the same day, so it must not be linked to a failure to respect the cold chain, so often it is the water, the cans which are not always cleaned enough. I advise to always be attentive to drinking water”.

The mayor pointed out that the camp seemed to be very well managed and very well organized, and the unit reacted very well to the first signs of intoxication.

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