“Fourth Reich in Europe”, “civil war in the USA” and “Elon Musk president”: Medvedev’s absolutely crazy predictions for 2023

On Twitter, he, who is now deputy head of the Security Advisory Council, published a series of rather mindless tweets. “Everyone is making predictions at the moment. Many are making futuristic hypotheses as if to find the craziest and even the most absurd. Here is my humble contribution”he started.

According to him, Britain will soon rejoin the European Union. But don’t think Medvedev thinks this is good news for the EU. “It will collapse after Britain’s return; the euro will cease to be the EU’s currency”He swears.

“A Fourth Reich Arrives in Europe”

As expected, the Russian does not have much hope for world peace. And inevitably more especially at the Western level. If he didn’t factor that into his predictions, he logically believes that Russia will win the war. After this, “Poland and Hungary will occupy the western regions of the former Ukraine.”

For him, Europe is experiencing a new world war. “The Fourth Reich will be created, which includes the territory of Germany and its satellites, i.e. Poland, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Republic of Kiev and other outcasts.” This new union will result in a war “between France and the Fourth Reich. Europe will be divided, with Poland being divided in the process”he thinks.

It is not over, as he, as a Russian, is obviously against the American enemy. For him, the United States will implode, and one man will profit from this crisis: Elon Musk. “A civil war will break out in which the United States, California and Texas will become independent states. Texas and Mexico will form an allied state. Elon Musk will win the presidential elections in a number of states that, at the end of the new civil war, will have become given to the GOP.”

Finally, he ensures that the Western economy takes a big hit. “All the major exchanges and financial activities will leave the US and Europe and move to Asia. The Bretton Woods system of monetary governance will collapse, bringing about the collapse of the IMF and the World Bank 11. The Euro and the dollar will cease to circulate as global reserve currencies. Digital fiat -currencies will be actively used instead.”

It is hard to say whether Medvedev was serious when he wrote this series of tweets. One thing’s for sure, it’s not very encouraging… except for Elon Musk. The new head of Twitter has also reacted quickly. He called them tweets “epic” as he explains that it was the predictions “more absurd (that he ever) heard”.

To finish his message, Dmitry Medvedev wanted “Happy holidays to all, Anglo-Saxon friends and their happy snarling piglets”. Which leads to believe that it is above all a new provocation.

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