Fresh bread, skewer and homemade fries: the best kebab in France can be found in… Toulouse!

The best kebab in France is in Toulouse and it is the Delizoso that prepares it! (©Facebook Delizioso)

It is now one of the most popular addresses in Toulouse by lovers of kebab.

Regularly quoted in the rankings, the Delizioso kebablocated at 1 impasse André-Marfaing, near Paul-Sabatier University, has recently become… the best of France ! Just that… Previously 8ethe establishment founded at the end of the 90s has just been acclaimed by the website for the quality of its various products.

“Currently a student in Nantes, I had the pleasure of tasting the famous Delizioso kebabs during a weekend in Toulouse. Suffice to say that all Nantes residents passing through Toulouse will go there according to my recommendations! »

A user on the website

The döner is on the plate

Based on customer reviews, this ranking rewards the Delizioso for the first time. The restaurant is ahead of the Kingston Express (Vendée) and the Unik (Nord).

“Best kebab in Toulouse! Fresh homemade spit, homemade fries and fresh bread. You will rarely eat such a good kebab! »

A user on the website

Every morning, the chef of the establishment prepares the kebab meat, the breads, the pizza dough and the white sauce before each service. If this is not the recipe for success, it is very much like it. “We cook with love, passion and rigor in order to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. »

The establishment is distinguished by very good quality products.
The establishment is distinguished by very good quality products. (©Facebook Delizioso)

A huge success

Since a few months, David Guedria, manager of the establishment since December 1999, sees the attendance of Delizioso increasing permanently. “People cross the city to come and taste our sandwiches,” says the friendly boss. There is even TF1 which will come to do a report! »

“This enthusiasm gave me the idea of ​​settling soon in the city center of Toulouse. I am actively looking for a place! »

David Guedriamanager of Delizioso

Particularly proud of never having bought a frozen spit, the manager of the best kebab in France has been happy to make his own meat for more than 20 years. “We offer new products with light kebabs or even avocado kebabs, it’s a hit! “, he continues.

Other Toulouse kebabs mentioned

Other Toulouse restaurants are mentioned in the latest ranking of the specialized site. the Zagora (6 avenue de l’URSS) ranks second among the best kebabs in Haute-Garonne, just ahead of the mijana (173 main rue Saint-Michel).

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The ranking of the best kebabs in Haute-Garonne:

  1. Le Delizioso (Toulouse)
  2. The Zagora (Toulouse)
  3. The Mijana (Toulouse)
  4. Le Grillad’or (Toulouse)
  5. Amine Kebab (Toulouse)
  6. The Regal d’Orient (Toulouse)
  7. Mak Bap’s Kebab (Fronton)
  8. The Kebab Cafe (Toulouse)
  9. Izmir (Low wall)
  10. Mac Dalle (Blagnac)

While waiting for the next ranking, David Guedria “does everything to ensure that the Delizioso remains the best kebab in France”!

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