Fries: The recipe and advice from chef Philippe Etchebest!

Do you love fries like us? Enjoy the recipes of chef Philippe Etchebest. This one offers you two cooking methods for super gourmet fries! Read the guide!

How to make french fries!

If in Belgium the fries go through two cooking baths (to cook them then to brown them) … Chef Philippe Etchebest offers two distinct but equally easy to do methods.

To reproduce his fries, the restaurateur advises first of all to choose the right potatoes. And yes it is very important. Because not all of them lend themselves to this type of preparation. To make fries, the chef therefore recommends bintje, agria or even manon. Do you want to make crispy fries? Read on!

Philippe Etchebest's recipe

Philippe Etchebest’s recipe

To make his fries, the famous chef suggests cooking them according to 2 cooking methods: directly in oil and precooking with steam then in oil. Here are the ingredients for 4 people:

  • 10 potatoes (bintje, monalisa, manon, marabel…)
  • 1 frying bath (vegetable oil, beef or duck fat, etc.)
  • Salt

Regarding the steps of the recipe, you first start by boiling water in a steamer to then create steam. Then you peel the potatoes and place them each time in a bowl filled with cold water. This prevents them from oxidizing. Cut after each side of the potatoes so that they have a more rectangular shape and thus are easier to carve into the shape of fries.

So once your potatoes are rectangular, cut slices about 1 cm thick and then cut them again to get fries. Drop them in the water, once cut. Finally, drain them and let them dry well.

How to cook them: recipe by Philippe Etchebest

From now on, fries can be cooked in different ways. In the oven, in the fryer, in an oil bath… Philippe Etchebest reveals two types of cooking for crispy and tasty fries!

First you can cold cook the fries in oil. So once dry, place them in a pan filled with cold oil. Then gradually raise the temperature to heat the oil and stir them gently from time to time. Once they have a golden and crunchy skin, remove them from the pan and place them on a plate covered with paper towel.

Pre-steam the fries and then fry them

Pre-steam the fries and then fry them

When the fries are dry, place them in the steamer basket of your steamer and cover them. Stop cooking after 5 minutes. Then run them under cold water and wipe them again. Put them back to cook in an oil bath at 180°C. Also, remember to stir the fries gently to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Remove them as soon as they have a nice color and place them on absorbent paper. Enjoy your lunch !

Tip: when opting for steam cooking, the time depends on the size of your fries. For 1 cm by 1 cm, the pre-steaming time is about 5 minutes.

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