Gers: a caring “petsitter” for seniors and their dogs

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A Gersoise specializing in pet care is embarking on visits to retirement homes. A good way to maintain a bond between the dog and its master… for the benefit of all.

Alexandra Galin, a former member of Udaf, launched her activity as a petsitter a month and a half ago. Based in Marsan, it offers its services 7 days a week in Auch and its surroundings within a radius of approximately 30 kilometers. The “petsitter” (an English derivative of babysitter, “pet” meaning animal) offers 4 services: home visits, animal transport, canine massages and recently, visits to nursing homes.

This last activity consists of picking up the dog, which had to be entrusted to the family or a third party, and taking it to the retirement home to spend an hour with the elderly person, in order to maintain the link between the dog and the master. Overflowing with love for these animals, this idea naturally emerged in Alexandra’s mind as a service that she would have already wished existed. “I thought about it because I have aging parents but also for myself… I project myself and tell myself that I wouldn’t like to be cut off from my animal,” she admits.

Herself the owner of a 14-year-old dog, she considers that maintaining a relationship between animals and humans is fundamental for the balance of the elderly.

Petsitter at home

Acaced graduate (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species), Alexandra Galin started a petsitter activity at clients’ homes 1 month and a half ago and has already had several requests. “For the moment, these are mainly people who work full time and who wish to avoid traveling between noon and two. I spend 30 minutes at home, to take care of the animal, depending on the client’s request,” she says.

Alexandra Galin and her dog Blanche.

Alexandra also offers packages that offer several passages per day. “It has already happened for people who went to the north of France urgently because of the death of a loved one,” she says. Finally, it offers stimulation games such as a search mat where the dog must use his sense of smell to be able to taste the hidden treats.

Alexandra also adapts her services for people who are or will be hospitalized in order to take care of their animal during their stay in the hospital.

Other services

Finally, Alexandra Galin has two certificates. The canine and feline rescue certification allowed him to learn the first aid gestures to rescue the dog before being able to take him to the veterinarian. “If there is an accident with the animal, I can react correctly and quickly,” she adds.

Finally, a more atypical service, Alexandra offers “canine relaxation massages” that she learned to do through certification. “It acts on the coat, the blood circulation, the organs, the nervous system…, she lists. It promotes animal well-being in general, ”says the young woman.

Services in the form of a package are offered on the website.

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