Graubünden: A cow killed by wolves in a fenced area


The Graubünden hunting office is increasingly concerned about the behavior of the Piz Beverin pack.

A young wolf member of the Beverin pack in Graubünden (archive).

Gisons Hunting and Fishing Office

During the night from Friday to Saturday, a cow was attacked and killed by wolves on the Nurdagn alpine pasture in Schamserberg, Graubünden. The place of discovery of the animal is in the area of ​​passage of the Beverin pack, specifies the Office of hunting and fishing of Graubünden.

This is the first case in the township where an adult bovine has been killed by wolves, the statement continued. The seven-year-old cow was with other conspecifics in a fenced area. In the sector of the Beverin pack, the threshold of the regulation shots authorized by the Confederation has already been reached. According to the law, these are only possible when the presence of young people in the pack can be confirmed.

Game wardens will now try to fit Beverin’s pack leader with a GPS transmitter to monitor him and prevent wolves from preying on other animals. The Graubünden Hunting Office is concerned about the behavior of the wolves in this pack. These have been behaving problematically for several years and have already killed a donkey and a calf. Compared to the evolution of the threat to sheep and goats, the death of an adult cow is now an unprecedented and “more serious” event.

Farmers have again called for more effective regulation of wolves after a attack in the canton of Vaud last week.


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