he didn’t have a permit… for two small fish!

Louis, a Theutois, has owned animals for decades. “I’ve had horses for 50 years, I’ve had fish for about forty years and I also have bees! On Saturday, he fell from the clouds. He goes to a local pet store to replace a Farlowella, or window washer fish.

➜ An unpleasant experience he tells us about!

However, a tolerance period of three months should apply. “On the first two days of applying for the permit, I have already had several sworn statements filled out. But I’m already sure that I won’t have a sequel. And we can’t play policeman either, it’s not our role, ”plagues the boss of another pet store.

➜ Several elements call out: are there real effects in the fight against animal abuse and avoiding abandonment?

➜ Many professionals in the sector denounce discrimination


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