He takes up a restaurant owner’s challenge and devours a 2.4 kg hamburger with… six steaks!

The challenge proposed by the snack pizzeria Healthy life in rue Gambetta was a big deal: devour a 2.4 kg hamburger with 6 steaks inside in 1 hour.

To meet this challenge, only boys, four in number (the fifth having withdrawn), with a well-honed appetite, but only one reached the end. It’s about Vincent, from Val-du-Faby who, in his own way, with knife and fork, got to the end of the monster prepared by Yann, the chef, in the time allotted to him.

Congratulations to Vincent who was awarded a €20/month voucher for one year and hats off to his challengers who had to give up in the face of the winner’s tactics.

The little story does not say if Vincent will continue to eat burgers in the days to come or if he will take a little break to digest all that…

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