He uses his Tesla’s Autopilot in the worst possible way

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If the autopilot is working normally, we have seen many errors in recent months. It is for this reason that it is absolutely mandatory to be able to regain control of your Tesla at any time when autonomous driving is activated.

Only here, in the following video, the owner of this 100% electric sedan is clearly not in a position of control. He is far too laid back.

On top of his nerves, he even allowed himself to stick his feet out of the window for more comfort. It is not certain that the police will appreciate the idea, but that does not prevent him from lying down.

Admittedly, the traffic is not very fluid. He is in the middle of the traffic jams, but there is no reason to lie behind the wheel like that.

In relaxation

To spend the journey quietly without worrying about having to drive, this driver activated the autopilot system on his Tesla. The latter has proven itself, but there is still much progress to be made. However, this driver seems to trust him completely, even a little too much.

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