heartbreaking photo shows dog desperately searching for family among rubble

Posted on Twitter, the image of a dog looking for its masters in the middle of the ruins of the family home moved many Internet users around the world. A photo taken after the devastating earthquake in southeastern Afghanistan.

A thousand dead, 3,000 injured, countless families found themselves homeless overnight… Such is the toll of the earthquake that struck a region in southeastern Afghanistan on Wednesday 22 June.

Animals have not been spared, as illustrated by the sad story of the dog in question here, and whose photo has gone around the world. The image, published on Twitter a few days after the disaster and relayed by NDTVis particularly heartbreaking.

Illustration for the article: Afghanistan earthquake: Heartbreaking photo shows dog desperately searching among rubble for family
Samira SR/Twitter

We see a small dog with a white coat moving about, looking sad and lost, in the middle of what remains of the house where he lived with his family. All the members of the latter, unfortunately, lost their lives during the earthquake.

This is explained by the author of the tweet. Samira SR, of the humanitarian association International Rescue Committee (IRC), indeed indicates that “ every person in the house that this dog belongs to was killed in the earthquake. »

Cared for by neighbors

Shared on Sunday, June 26, said publication, however, includes reassuring information about the canine. ” Neighbors said they took him to feed him and take care of him “, we learn there as well.

This does not prevent this dog from continuing his quest, alas vain, returning regularly to the scene. ” He keeps coming back to the destroyed house and moaning “, recount Samira SR.

A sad scene, captured at Ochkia village located in the district of Gayan and the province of Paktikanear the Pakistani border.


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