Here are the altcoin trades to watch according to this analyst

He shared his list of top crypto influencers on X (Twitter) who currently offer invaluable information to altcoin traders.

The long known

  1. @0x_gremlin: Known for its trading, educational content and calls, Xremlin offers accurate market insights.
  2. @wacy_time1: Specializing in DeFi (decentralized economy), trading and educational content.
  3. @rektfencer: Known for its research, business advice and calls to action.
  4. @milesdeutscher: Covers news, trading strategies and airdrops.
  5. @ardizor: Offers trade training and details on airdrops.
  6. @nobrainflip: Focuses on calls, educational content and in-depth research.
  7. @leshka_eth: Provides valuable information on trading, airdrops and DeFi.
  8. @LadyofCrypto1: Offers a mix of news, trade calls and analysis.
  9. @thedefiedge: Educates his followers about DeFi with comprehensive content.

Same coin dealers

  1. @blknoiz06: Combines humor with insight into small, mid and large cap crypto.
  2. @DeFiTracer: Focuses on low and medium coins and meme coins.
  3. @0xExit: Specializing in small and mid-cap cryptocurrencies.
  4. @0xReflection: Provides news on low/mid cap crypto and meme coins.
  5. @notEezzy: Known for its meme-centric content.
  6. @ardizor: Also known for his ideas on small/mid cap cryptos.
  7. @DeFiMidas: Discusses small and medium assets.
  8. @gravhoveder: Focuses on small and mid cap trading strategies.
  9. @WisdomMatic: Sharing meme-coin-based views on small-cap cryptos.

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Altcoin traders

  1. @GCRClassic: Dear merchant with a large following.
  2. @rektfencer: Offers accurate trading calls.
  3. @QuantMeta: Known for his quantitative trading insight.
  4. @nobrainflip: Another “must-follow” for serious traders.
  5. @RunnerXBT: Provides reliable trading signals.
  6. @leshka_eth: Combines trading with airdrop news.
  7. @Pentosh1: Provides market analysis and trading advice.
  8. @DeFiTracer: Shares his trading expertise.
  9. @Tradermayne: Especially popular for its market calls.
  10. @lightcrypto: Offers in-depth market analysis.
  11. @wacy_time1: Known for its educational content.
  12. @RektProof: Shares valuable trading information.
  13. @CryptoWizard: Focuses on technical analysis.
  14. @0xPepesso: Provides market information.
  15. @CryptoKaduna: Known for his accurate market calls.
  16. @LomahCrypto: Offers trading strategies.
  17. @owen1v9: Provides detailed market analyses.

Airdrop “hunters”

  1. @rasgard_lodbrok: Expert in identifying valuable air droplets.
  2. @DeFi_Hanzo: Focuses on profitable airdrop opportunities.
  3. @OlimpioCrypto: Provides timely information about air drops.
  4. @0xFarmy: Known for its information on air droplets.
  5. @leshka_eth: Also covers air droplets to a large extent.
  6. @DannyCrypt: Offers airdrop strategies.
  7. @LintonWorm: Focuses on identifying promising airdrops.
  8. @MingoAirdrop: Sharing airdrop opportunities.

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Finally, for on-chain analysis, Twitter influencers @0xReflection, @lookonchain, @0xChainMind, @cyrilXBT, @ArkhamIntel, @OnChainWizard, @nansen_ai and @PeckShieldAlert provide critical insights into blockchain data and trends.

So following these influencers can give traders the expertise and knowledge needed to make the most of the altcoin season.

Moral of the story: In the crypto spring, follow the trader!


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