here is the list of models compatible with Steam to play games like on a PS5

Some Teslas are turning into real game consoles thanks to the latest update that brings Steam to the main screen. However, depending on your configuration, you will potentially be excluded. Let’s take a look at the electric cars compatible with Steam.

Tesla’s latest Christmas update is rolling out to its fleet of vehicles, and some drivers were pleasantly surprised to see Steam’s online video game service arrive. Unfortunately, most of the American manufacturer’s electric cars don’t seem to be able to take advantage of it at the moment.

Only for certain Tesla Model S and Model X

Already at the beginning of 2021, Tesla announced with great fanfare new Tesla Model S and Model X with a renewed interior. In addition, certain AAA games were presented by the American company as being able to be played on the central screen, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher 3.

Almost two years have passed and the wait is finally over: with the 2022.44.25.1 update, Steam appears among the available applications. By launching the service, the user will have access to his library of online games and will be able to play them with a controller or even a keyboard and mouse, all wirelessly.

Of course, this is only possible when stationary, and is useful for making the most of the few ten minutes that pass during a Supercharge on particularly long journeys. That being said, although the latest Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are equipped with an AMD Ryzen chip (with a power equivalent to a PS5 or an Xbox Series X with 10 Tflops) the same as the more expensive Model S and Model X , the arrival of Steam is reserved for Tesla’s flagship vehicles.

Worse than that, Tesla Model S and Model X (2021 and 2022), which are not the latest, are also not currently eligible for Steam. From the information found online, it appears that Steam is only available on versions that have 16GB of RAM, limiting the service to vehicles manufactured from mid-2022.

The Tesla Model S Plaid currently arriving in France are therefore the only affected vehicles in France, although Tesla’s CEO has indicated that a change in hardware could be foreseen in the future to add 16 GB of RAM to the older Model S and Model X (from 2021 to mid-2022), which was sold in the United States.

On the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, don’t expect to see Steam arrive anytime soon: unlike their more expensive big sisters, these cars don’t have no additional GPU, and embed only AMD Ryzen CPU. Some rumors announced the likely arrival, as some Model Y assembled in Shanghai had been delivered with an additional GPU. But it didn’t last very long.

Note that Steam is currently only accessible from the car’s main screen. It will be possible to play from the rear screen on Model S and Model X, but through a future update.

Finally, not all games in the Steam catalog will be fully compatible. In fact, at first glance it would be a Linux version of Steam, and only games verified by Steam (Deck Verified) could run smoothly on Tesla.

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