Here is the trick to exceed the ceiling of 19 euros on your restaurant card

Exceptional situation, exceptional measure. But today spending 38 euros for lunch at a restaurant is no longer possible. Difficult to return to the small amount of 19 euros.

The trick to uncapping

The Edenred and Swile ticket-resto card app allows you to link your bank card to your account. By adding the bank details, this allows you to pay up to 50 additional euros and therefore to remove the 19 euros. Thus, you pay 19 euros with your restaurant card and the rest of the excess with your bank card. Please note that the ceiling is also limited on your bank card to 150 euros per month. All of this is of course free and saves time at the checkout or when paying the bill.

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The end of the ceiling of 38 euros

These measures have boosted consumption in restaurants and accelerated the use of tickets saved by employees due to health restrictions. Today, these two causes have died out and the stock of tickets has been sold out. “, explains Bercy. The old restaurant tickets from 2021 could be replaced by tickets valid in 2022. And the government does not seem to be open to the possibility that the ceiling of 38 euros becomes a generality. This new technique is therefore welcome to continue enjoying a meal with colleagues or friends.

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