Here’s why you absolutely must drink cocoa water this summer!

Cocoa water is the trendiest food this summer! Discover in this article all its benefits!

When you think of cocoa, chocolate immediately comes to mind. But there is a use for this ingredient that allows this well-known plant to be exploited in a completely different way.

Indeed, have you ever heard of cocoa water? It is a healthy diet that can only benefit your health. Want to know more details? Find in the following lines all the elements to take into account!

Food: what is cocoa water?

Cocoa water has nothing to do with chocolate. Indeed, this diet is hydrating, but it is also rich in nutrients. It would indeed seem that it has a lot more to offer than the usual store-bought sugary sports drink. Is cocoa water worth trying? Here’s why this unique water is about to become the next big thing.

Cocoa water is almost as simple as it sounds. It is a water made from parts of the cocoa plant. Besides, you probably already know the cocoa tree. It is the tree which is at the origin of the beans, the powder and the butter. Most products based on this ingredient come from this essential plant.

Cocoa water, on the other hand, uses the rest of the plant. More specifically, it is made from fruit of the cocoa tree. The white, fleshy fruit that surrounds the feed beans is usually discarded for chocolate production. Yet the water takes that fruit “flesh” and turns it into a refreshing liquid that you can drink.

What does cocoa water taste like? Well, the end product doesn’t taste like chocolate. In fact, this tasty drink is more like a light lemonade. This water has a unique flavor, a little sweet and a little spicy, but it is refreshing. A recipe that you absolutely must try this summer!

Cocoa water is very hydrating and rich in antioxidants

Cocoa is a wonderful plant. In fact, it’s a real superfood. He packed with nutrients and health benefits. This ingredient is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods you can find. And even when used in treats like dark chocolate!

These antioxidants, which include flavonoids highly beneficial, are so present in the dishes based on the ingredient. And all of these super healthy characteristics are also present in cocoa water. And besides, the latter is also rich in antioxidants! Including it in your diet will therefore only have benefits for your health.

A single 10.5 ounce bottle of water has a free radical scavenging capacity of 11,830. That’s approximately twice the antioxidant activity found in 100 grams of blueberries. So with every sip of this superfood, you’re getting plenty of free radical-fighting antioxidants. Just enough to keep in shape.

This drink has an additional benefit: excellent hydration. This is because cocoa water contains natural electrolytes. These help to hydrate you more effectively than plain water alone. Moreover, it offers potassium and magnesium, two essential electrolytes that fuel essential tasks. Like repairing DNA, turning food into energy, and fueling your muscles.

An ecological diet?

Instead of consuming a lot of sugar, you can turn to cocoa water after a workout. That way you’ll get all the electrolytes you need without adding anything. Cocoa water contains some natural sugars. However, it is nowhere near the same added sugar content as your typical sports drink!

Apart from its health benefits, cocoa water has another fantastic benefit. In fact, this diet is excellent for the environment. It transforms the waste created by the chocolate industry into a useful product. It’s almost recycling! This drink is also made from unwanted “leftovers”. Those that are not necessary for the manufacture of chocolate, thus giving a whole new life to this waste.

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