“He’s our child, not just a dog”

There are disappearance posters all over the place: “Solidarity is enormous”, Natacha tells us straight away. Since June 27, she has been looking for Seth (the name of an Egyptian God), her one and a half year old young dog. On the poster, we can read in red: “This is our child, not just a dog”.

He got scared

That day, Natacha went to a garage in Marchin to pick up her companion: “I always put a leash on Seth, but that day I was also with my dad’s dog and I got distracted. It was truly exceptional. Seth is very fearful and he was frightened by a Clark, he fled,” she tells us.

➜ He wears two necklaces, with a medallion engraved with his name, our contact number. As well as a large black collar with an embroidered scratch on which it is written Dont Touch

If you see him, contact 0471/89.91.37. -DR


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