Hicham Cook announces the opening of a new restaurant

Hicham Cook is a well-known chef in Algeria. He has built his notoriety by sharing his delicious 100% halal recipes on social networks, especially on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. This made him one of the most followed influencers in the country. He is in sixth place and currently has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. After the recent destruction of his restaurant by fire, he announces that he will open a new restaurant.

Hicham Cook’s restaurant burnt down

It was terrible for Hicham Cook to have seen his restaurant totally burned on June 22 last in the commune of Ouled Fayet. He inaugurated it just 3 months ago with his entire team. Seeing the firefighters take a long time to arrive, he asked for help from his fans by doing a live broadcast, to share the incident and draw the attention of the competent authorities. Its subscribers quickly relayed the information despite everything, the fire took a long time to go out. He still lost everything.

The courage and generosity of the Chef

Despite the ordeal he’s been through, he wanted to thank his followers for the help they gave him. Once the fire was extinguished, he organized a gigantic free barbecue which brought together all the people who supported him. In effect, several volunteers came on site to lend a hand. This painful moment was followed by a friendly and warm party. This of course lifted his spirits and gave him courage to face the future.

A new restaurant is on the program

In front of the support of all its subscribers and also thanks to its recognized talent, Hicham Cook announces that he will open a new restaurant. Many would be devastated after seeing all their efforts go up in smoke overnight. But day after day, with his team, they restore order to the rubble and clean up the place with a smile and confidence. In addition, he continues to post videos of his cooking recipes. His admirers all offer to help him build his next restaurant.

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