How can you join the Tesla Referral Program?

The Tesla Referral Program is an initiative through which customers and their friends can earn credits after purchasing qualifying Tesla solar products.

Tesla has relaunched its referral program in the US, an initiative through which customers and their friends earn credits towards the purchase of Tesla solar products. As with any referral program, Tesla’s strategy is to strengthen its current relationship with customers and also tap into new segments of the market. Interestingly, the program has gone through several transformations since its inception. The program previously included vehicle referral credits, but this was discontinued in 2021.

The Tesla referral program is currently limited to those who purchase a Tesla solar roof or solar panel. This means that users will not receive any credit for the purchase of a Tesla vehicle. All purchased solar cells give users 6,000 credits. These can then be redeemed for Tesla products in the Loot Box section of the Tesla app. According to the Not A Tesla App, some of the available products include the J1772 Wall Connector (11,000 credits), Standard Wall Connector (6,000 credits), CCS Combo 1 Adapter (5,000 credits), 2,000 Miles Supercharger (4,800 credits), Model S /3 /Y Pet Liner (2,900 credits), Tesla Short Shorts (1,469 credits) and Let the Sun Shine Tee (700 credits), among others.

How the Tesla Referral Program Works

Any Tesla product owner who encourages someone else to purchase a qualifying solar product can earn credits. The Tesla user gets referral credits while the friend gets buyer credits. Meanwhile, Tesla customers can also earn loyalty credits when they purchase multiple qualifying products. The automaker claims that all credits have the same value and accumulate under a single Loot Box balance. They can be redeemed for Tesla referral rewards in the Referral Shop section of the Loot Box. Interested participants should note that they will not be able to redeem their rewards until the award date i.e. when their solar system is activated. Credits expire 12 months after the assigned date, although earning additional credits extends the expiration date.

As previously mentioned, there are three types of credits to earn in the Tesla referral program: Referral, Buyer and Loyalty. To earn the former, customers must share a referral link with friends and family through their Loot Box. The guidelines for obtaining buyer credits are similar to the guidelines for referral credits. When buyers use a referral link to purchase a Tesla product, they also earn credits. Loyalty credits can be earned when existing customers purchase eligible products through their Tesla account.

It should be noted that all credits earned through the Tesla Referral Program will be marked “Pending” in the Loot Box until the date of award. Through Loot Box, participants can view referral links, eligible products, referral store, credit history and expiration dates. To access the Loot Box, the Tesla mobile app must be downloaded. Although the referral program has undergone significant changes since its inception, it remains a viable option for customers to get the most out of purchasing Tesla products.

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