How Fake Twitter Employees Made It Look Like Elon Musk Fired Them

The day after Elon Musk’s arrival at Twitter, two alleged ex-employees of the social network were interviewed by several media, cardboard in their arms, after being supposedly fired by Elon Musk. It was a hoax, which made the billionaire laugh a lot.

Arrived on October 27 at Twitter, Elon Musk shocked by dismissing the entire management of the social network, which was actually not very surprising given the relationship he had with her. This news caused a lot of talk, especially since we learned a few days earlier that Elon Musk was planning to lay off 75% of Twitter’s workforce (a figure that has since been denied, even if there will be departures). Something to inspire two somewhat teasing comedians who decided to go to Twitter’s headquarters, boxes under their arms, to pretend that Elon Musk had fired them. Problem: some media took them seriously.

A schoolboy joke that amuses Elon Musk a lot

Very critical of the media (especially when they speak ill of him), Elon Musk obviously jumped at the chance to make fun of the journalist who conducted the interview of Rahul Ligma and Daniel Johnson, the two alleged engineers fired by Elon Musk. What amuses the new boss of Twitter the most is not so much the situation, but more the name chosen by the usurper who spoke to the microphones of the television channels present in front of the headquarters of Twitter. Rahul Ligma echoes a “Ligma” joke, a very popular meme in the United States since it is a pun (Ligma = lick my, we let you guess the rest). Elon Musk, a fan of schoolboy tweets, as the emojis chosen in the following tweet show, is having a field day.

How could the media take the joke seriously? We will put this error on the account of fatigue, after months of roller coaster I buy / I do not buy Elon Musk. There were, however, clues in the statements of the two actors. Rahul Ligma presented himself as a fan of Michelle Obama, a fan of clean energy and global warming, worried that Elon Musk will take control over democracy, like we took control over Britney Spears… Who hides behind actors? Elon Musk fans? Just opportunists looking for buzz?

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