How to predict crypto prices with yPredict

Predicting crypto prices is an integral part of traders’ and investors’ know-how. This is the crucial element that allows a user to know whether his trade is beneficial or not. There are several methods and indicators to predict the price of cryptos. However, this remains very complex and the margin of error is significant.

Technical analysis

In trading, technical analysis identifies trading opportunities based on crypto price, volume and other typical statistical information. This makes it possible to identify significant price levels, to recognize figures in the charts and then to take advantage of relevant signals in the short term.

Technical analysis is complex to perform and most beginners get discouraged. If the concept of support and resistance remains simple to understand, things get complicated when it becomes necessary to use indicators such as RSI or MFI.

Basic analysis

Fundamental analysis is used in conjunction with technical analysis. This consists of taking an interest in e.geconomic waves of cryptocurrency. To perform a fundamental analysis, we will look more for information about the token sector, liquidity, growth prospects or even the blockchain on which the asset was developed. Although this type of analysis is easier to perform, it has its limitations and is rarely effective when it comes to analyzing brand new crypto.

yPredict: the project focused on artificial intelligence

In order to help the errors, the yPredict platform has therefore decided to offer several solutions. Together they form the platform’s various functionalities an all-in-one hub reserved for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts.

AI trading signals

yPredict the first offers real time trading signals, but not just any. In fact, the signals on this platform will be offered by the best artificial intelligence at the moment. To guarantee the effectiveness of the latter, the project has also decided to keep only the top 1% of AI trading at its disposal.

Traders are therefore guaranteed to always be one step ahead of the market. In addition, the calculation speed of AI is much higher than that of humans, users will be able to benefit from accurate reports and will then be able to make informed decisions about their investments.

Analysis of market sentiment

Quite often, the general sentiment of the community is almost important data for investors. yPredict is aware of this. This is why a real-time market sentiment analysis will be available for the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Thus, traders will be able to use the data present in the market to invest consistently. Users therefore protect themselves against bad investments by taking the temperature of the market precisely.

Technical analysis performed by AI

As explained earlier, technical analysis can be a real ordeal for traders, especially for beginners. Moreover, these often take a lot of time.

With yPredict, traders no longer have to worry about that, since it is artificial intelligence that will take care of the technical analysis. Traders only need to read the result and make decisions based on the analysis performed by the platform tool. Furthermore, the margin of error will also be greatly reduced here.

Chart pattern recognition

The tools offered by the platform make it possible to differentiate and recognize more than 25 different figures in the charts. Automatic recognition of these patterns will be available for each of the coins placed on the user’s watchlist. So in combination with trading signals, market sentiment analysis and AI technical analysis, this feature will be a real provider for cryptocurrency traders.

The project is about to pass 2 million dollars in pre-sales

yPredict is currently organizing its presale phases to be able to offer its platform and its functionalities to users. For now, the presale of YPRED, the platform’s initial token, has allowed the project to travel over $1.9 million. The platform currently offers one token at a price of $0.09. However, when you list YPRED, it will be available at a price of $0.12.

Interested investors and cryptocurrency traders have e.gany interest in acting quickly to invest in the project. The pre-sale is currently in its 6th phase and the event ends in just under 3 weeks. To join the project, users can go to the official project website and connect their wallet. YPRED is available in exchange for MATIC, ETH, BNB or USDT. An option to buy crypto by credit card is also available on the site.

The audit and KYC of the project and team was done by CoinSult.


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