How to preserve and store meat?

Due to the heat wave that is hitting certain regions of the kingdom, some Moroccans fear the risk of putrefaction of the meat and therefore the food poisoning that follows. In this regard, the office has published a booklet in which it reviews the causes and advice to follow.

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It is advisable, according to the Office, to transport the sheep of sacrifice in the best conditions, then to install it in a place in which it will not be agitated. This place should not pose a danger to family members.

The office also advises pinning the carcass of the sheep within 5 hours after slaughter and cutting the meat maximum 5 hours after the throat has been cut. For the quantity that will be consumed in the two days of Eid, it must be kept in the refrigerator whose temperature does not exceed 3 degrees. The pieces of meat must be inserted, separately, into plastic food bags and then placed in the freezer, including a temperature of at least −18 °, it is added.

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