In order for his employees to work “hard”, Elon Musk is reorganizing Twitter’s premises with beds and bedside tables

Since the beginning of the week, Twitter employees in San Francisco have been able to sleep on site. Their new boss moved on to the development of beds and bedside tables in the establishment’s headquarters, according to information from the American magazine Forbes, relayed by

In addition, an on-site visit by the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate will be carried out to verify the correct use of the buildings and the employees’ working conditions.

Elon Musk’s takeover of the social network had resulted in a massive layoff of half of Twitter’s employees. Those departures would have left large empty spaces, which the boss rushed to convert into dormitories with beds, bedside tables, bedside lamps and armchairs, according to a source on the ground.

So the CEO gave the thousands of employees who remained with the company the option to leave or stay on the condition that they work. “intense”. So they can work “difficult”, Musk encourages them to sleep there if necessary. Additionally, no official announcement has been made regarding these new developments.

In November, an employee tweeted a photo showing an employee sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag with a mask over his eyes.


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