In this well-known Brussels restaurant, it is now possible to pay in cryptocurrencies

While major brands like Gucci have already been accepting bitcoin payments in some stores for some time, in Belgium this practice is not yet widespread. But the chef of the restaurant L’Osteria Romana and businessman Filippo La Vecchia wants to be in tune with the times. For him and his colleague, it was therefore important to innovate and offer this possibility to his customers.

In video, an emblematic recipe from chef La Vecchia:

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), the establishment also accepts other crypto-currencies: Litecoin (LTC), USDT, USDC. Thanks to a scannable QR code, customers can pay with their digital currencies through an application on their smartphone. On average, a dish costs 0.0014 bitcoins, or around €30.

If Filippo La Vecchia and Cédric Gilot have embarked on digital currencies, it is also because in 10 years, they have seen things evolve. Since the opening of the Osteria Romana, payment methods have changed. In the beginning, 15 to 20% of customers paid in cash, today it is only 3%. The most popular means of payment, at present, remains the bank or credit card. The two restaurateurs do not intend to eliminate other payment options but to jump on the bandwagon and adapt to a constantly changing world.

Since the implementation of payment by crypto-currencies, 3 customers have already used this new method. It’s not huge, but it’s a promising start that confirms that for some, it’s just another way to settle the bill. Filippo De La Vecchia and Cédric Gilot see this novelty as an additional service for their customers, they don’t expect everyone to pay this way overnight. “If 3% of our customers pay like that, it’s already a success”says the two restaurateurs.

The restaurant in the capital is the first to enter into this increasingly developed digital era. For the moment, it is the only one to offer this service but we can expect to see more and more establishments following this trend. Last June, The Yard festival in Vilvoorde also accepted cryptocurrency payments for the first time. A significant development which proves the growing place of these new currencies in the daily lives of Belgians.

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