In Vannes, they cannot find a cook, their restaurant is deprived of season – Vannes

Open in November, temporarily closed in May. The Brindille restaurant, created by Olivia and David Jubin cannot accommodate customers, for lack of a cook. “We are going to miss the season”, notes the couple, already at the head of the restaurant Le Tandem, also installed in the intramural. Olivia hopes to be able to reopen Brindille in early or mid-August, thanks to recruitment.

“The candidates that we have been able to get so far are asking us for salaries that we cannot meet,” observes Olivia Jubin. “We have no leeway. It is cheaper for us to stay closed than to pay a cook €2,500”. The managers thought, however, that they had met the conditions to facilitate recruitment: in particular by only offering daytime hours: from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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