Is it healthy to sleep with your dog or cat? Experts answer


Many choose to sleep next to their dog or cat. These French have a great love for their pets. They thus appreciate having them with them at night. These are usually our little four-legged friends fulfilled by this privilege. But is it really a good idea? Without further ado, Objeko gives you some answers.

Sleeping with your pet: yes, but…

Falling asleep with your dog or cat on your bed is very pleasant for many French people. The presence of this faithful companion is reassuring and seems natural given the very strong bond that unites the animal with its master or masters. But if this practice has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

In fact, sleeping with your dog or cat would be a good thing. only under certain conditions. To begin with, your animal must be in perfect health. To allow him to settle on your carpet or bed, make sure he has no fleas or ticks. Also, if it’s a puppy, it needs to be clean.

If this practice is regular or even daily, you must therefore take great care of your dog or cat’s hygiene and actively monitor their health. This involves bathing him regularly, treating him for parasites and taking him to the vet once or twice a month. Thus you will ensure that he does not develop any disease and you will carry out all vaccine recalls. Please note that these regular visits represent a cost that should not be overlooked.

In addition to bathing and brushing, which will allow you to maintain the hygiene of your dog or cat, it is better to clean his paws regularly. Ideally after every walk to prevent it from soiling your bed.

The benefits of sleeping with your dog or cat

As you have seen, the disadvantages are related to hygiene of the animal. You have to keep it clean and that takes work. But sleeping with your dog or cat also has its advantages. Several studies have shown that this practice helps reduce blood pressure. An article published in a foreign medical journal claimed that this causal relationship has been brought to light. But reduced blood pressure provides ideal resting conditions for humans. If you are used to sleeping with your pet, you may have noticed that your sleep is more restless when he is not present in your room?

Other benefit of this practice: feeling of security. In fact, the presence of a dog in the room calms its master or masters. It is well known that man’s best friend immediately warns his two-legged companion in case of danger. You can sleep peacefully with your dog!

Finally, dogs and cats like to sleep close to their master. Day and night, they are happy and calm when they are close to those who take care of them. If you are sensitive to the well-being of your dog or cat, you will definitely want to consider this element during your reflection.


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