Is it possible to shop for free in 2024?

With the rise of online brokers, pure players and other neobrokers, trading has never been so accessible. This benefits the consumer because competition rages and pushes prices down. To the point of making trading free?

➑️ But how to trade for free and is it really possible in 2024? What are they hiding from us? We investigated!

What are the main trading fees?

To find a broker that allows you to trade for free, that is, without fees, you still need to know them. Here is a list of the main costs to be aware of:

  • Transaction Fees : mainly brokerage commissions as well as the fixed and variable spread.
  • Investment account fees such as custody fees, payment or exchange fees.
  • Financing or accommodation fees turbos and CFDs.
  • Exchange fees if you invest on foreign exchanges, e.g. in USD.
  • Exit/Withdrawal Fees.

Now that we’ve identified the main costs you can incur, let’s look at how you can avoid them. πŸ‘‡

We have found three solutions so that you can shop for free.

With a demo account

shop for free

βœ… And yes, the demo account is the ideal tool to trade for freetest your strategies, but without the fear of losing money!

Thus, platforms like XTB offer you demo accounts, available for free by simply creating your profile on the platform. And you don’t have to make any payments.

For example, you have a starting capital of $100,000 to place your orders, try copy trading or even leveraged products.

🚨 Be careful not to lose your funds when switching to trading with real money.

Thanks to welcome bonuses

    free trade welcome bonus    free trade welcome bonus

Some brokers occasionally offer you bonuses in the form of free order placements upon registration or bonuses. This was, for example, the case with BforBank: €100 offered and 100% of the transfer costs refunded. Enough to finance your first stock purchase or to amortize the cost of your first orders. Likewise, Fortuneo offers you 100 stock market orders for free.

Since December 2023, BforBank has completely revised its copy and The exchange is no longer available to new customers. While they wait for the offer to return in 2024 “as before, but better”, their website promises us. To be continued.

Finally, platforms like Binance can offer you discount coupons so you can invest for free up to a certain amount of brokerage fees.

By choosing the right broker

trade with degirotrade with degiro

Before choosing a financial investment broker, you need to decide which investments you are considering. Depending on the medium you want to invest in, the best broker will be different.

For example, Degiro will offer you a selection of commission-free ETFs, while free planned investments at Trade Republic will delight passive investors.

Our selection of brokers for free trade



Advanced, commission-free platform, for active or passive investors.

  • Minimum deposit : €0
  • Stocks and ETFs
  • CFDs and Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 0 fees for stock selection
  • 0 exit fees
  • Interest-bearing liquidity



Reduced fees with the widest selection of investments on the market!

  • Minimum deposit : €0.01
  • Stocks and ETFs
  • Turbos & Warrants
  • Futures and opportunities
  • 0 fees when choosing an ETF
  • 0 exit fees
  • 0 deposit/inactivity fees

Trade RepublicTrade Republic

Trade Republic

Simple and effective. €1 per order and free planned investments!

  • Minimum deposit : €10
  • Stocks and ETFs
  • Turbos & Warrants
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 0 fees for stock selection
  • 0 exit fees
  • 0 deposit/inactivity fees
  • Interest-bearing liquidity

Scalable capitalScalable capital

Scalable capital

€0.99 orders and programmed investment plans without fees.

  • Minimum deposit : €1
  • Stocks and ETFs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 0 fees for stock selection
  • 0 fees when choosing an ETF
  • 0 exit fees
  • 0 deposit/inactivity fees

Warning: Remember that investing exposes you to the risk of capital loss. Furthermore, the use of CFDs involves significant risks of loss, as 72% of people who use them lose money on XTB.

XTB: zero commission on a selection of stocks and ETFs

free tradefree trade

XTB is a stockbroker specializing in CFD trading. But it also allows you to invest in live securities (stocks and ETFs) without brokerage commissions.

βœ… Fees are particularly attractive for investments Direct : more than 3,000 shares and 200 ETFs without commission (within the limit of €100,000 invested per month);

Beware of CFDs who has spreads and daily fees, although they are reduced (we tell you more in our review of XTB).

➑️ Note that the XTB platform is aimed more at experienced investors and provides very practical technical analysis tools as well as a completely free demo account.

Degiro: fee-free ETFs

shop for free with degiro shop for free with degiro

Degiro is the broker with some of the lowest fees on the market and at the same time offers a very broad investment universe. : more than 30 exchanges and 20,000 securities (stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, turbos and warrants).

But above all, Degiro has a selection of 200 ETFs without brokerage! Apart from this choice, the fees are simple: €2 per transaction on Euronext Paris and for US stocks. And €4.90 per transaction on almost all other exchanges.

➑️ This broker is therefore ideal for building a highly diversified portfolio of international companies (small or large), while maintaining the possibility of investing with leverage thanks to derivative products.

Trade Republic and Scalable Capital: for planned investments

trading republic free trading platformtrading republic free trading platform

Trade Republic is an ideal broker for first-time investors thanks to its highly intuitive and ergonomic interface, a benchmark in the field.

Its investment universe is more than adequate for most investors, focusing on stocks and ETFs. And for the more adventurous, you can also find cryptocurrencies there.

But what interests us here, it is the possibility to program monthly investments for free, automatically debited from your bank account. These “investment plans” are particularly suitable for passive management. You invest without thinking about it and you even out your average purchase price!

πŸ’ Cherry on the cake : there are no exchange fees, even on foreign shares, because everything goes through a German stock exchange and Trade Republic pays your cash at a rate of 2% per year!

Start investing from €10 on Trade Republic

trade for free with scalable capitaltrade for free with scalable capital

Like Trade Republic, Scalable Capital allows you to create planned investments with no fees both on stocks, ETFs and even crypto ETPs.

Apart from these investment plans are fees €0.99 fee per order on the Gettex exchange (default) or €3.99 on the Xetra exchange plus exchange fees.

But the broker is 100% free if you only invest via planned investment plans or its Prime ETF range with orders above €250.

Finally, Scalable Capital also earns interest on your liquidity at an annual rate of 2.60% (gross). We tell you more in our full Scalable Capital review.

Conclusion: Yes, it is possible!

βœ… In summary, it is indeed possible to trade for free in 2024. At least for brokerage on shares and ETFs, but unfortunately not on all financial instruments. Some will always have fees, especially leveraged products, not to mention recurring fees.

However, depending on your strategy and the products used (shares, ETF, SCPI, UCITS, etc.), some brokers actually allow you to trade for free. 😊

➑️ And to make sure you have the basics, follow our free 7-day training!

Frequently asked questions

How to shop online for free?

There are several solutions to trade for free:
– With a demo account.
– With campaigns and other welcome bonuses.
– By choosing the right broker.
Be careful though, 100% free trading does not exist in absolute terms. So be wary of completely free trading platforms. And don’t hesitate to consult the AMF blacklists.

What minimum capital to trade for free?

There are no rules on the minimum amount to invest, but some brokers like Trade Repubic are available from €10 in deposit.
More information in our comparison of the best stock brokers.

How to learn to trade for free?

First of all, you can follow our free training in 7 days!
And before you start with real money, use demo accounts with virtual money, for example at XTB.

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