Is the application of the social network Twitter, bought by billionaire Elon Musk, likely to be soon banned by Apple and Google?

Will the Twitter social network application soon disappear from Apple and Google application stores? According to Bloomberg, the new model that American billionaire Elon Musk, its new owner, wants could pose a problem for the two digital giants. The boss indeed wishes to highlight freedom of expression with a weak moderation of content.

“With a majority of users logging in via their smartphone, Twitter is inevitably subject to the rules dictated by the two groups. [Apple et Google]“, explains BFMTV. And to add: “Thus, the moderation that Elon Musk wishes to minimize for the benefit of freedom of expression seems essential to continue to be distributed on iPhone and Android”.

For the record, at the beginning of the year, the social network Parler, popular with American conservatives and those close to Donald Trump, was banned from the App Store. He had been banned – before returning last May – by the Californian group which accused him of having spread messages of incitement to hatred and violence during the invasion of the Capitol in Washington on 6 January. The same decision was taken by Play Store (Google).

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