Its imago roof: Big reveal of the stock market year 2022

( – SES imagotag, the world leader in electronic tags, lost 1.2% on Friday in Paris and suffered some gains that did not prevent it from posting an impressive 63% share market gain overall . of 2022.

The title as a specialist in digital solutions for brick-and-mortar trading has continued to set new stock market records this year, thanks to solid financial results and new contract wins.

In particular, the company was chosen at the beginning of the year by the American distribution giant Walmart, to which it will supply smart tags that can be connected to hundreds of millions of devices via a large-scale ‘cloud’ system. .

Analysts claim that SES imagotag’s activity is part of the extension of a real underlying trend that has begun since the health crisis, namely the digitization of the store.

Backed by a comfortable order book, the group also unveiled in November a new strategic plan for 2027, which shows an ambitious target of 2.2 billion euros in revenue within five years, compared with revenue of 423 million euros last year.

“This strategic plan seems quite achievable to us and should enable SES imagotag to change size… and capitalization significantly”, assures Louis-Marie de Sade, analyst at EuroLand.

In less than two years, that is, since the end of 2020, the company’s market valuation has already tripled.

A career rewarded with the recent entry of the title in the SBF 120 index, one of the main indexes of the Paris Stock Exchange, which includes the 120 best shares listed on Euronext Paris in terms of liquidity and market capitalization.

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