Jail for the woman who filmed her dog killing a kitten

The court of first instance in Fez sentenced, on Thursday, a young woman to a suspended sentence of 2 months in prison, as well as the payment of a fine of 250 dirhams. She also received an indemnity of 10,000 dirhams for the benefit of an association for the protection of animals, writes Le360.

The young woman was prosecuted, in a state of freedom, for having “unnecessarily killed a domestic animal”, recalls the same source. This case broke out in April 2022, following the sharing of a video on social networks, where we saw a dog kill, on the orders of his mistress, a kitten, isolated, weak and helpless.

Having gone viral, the video had aroused strong and widespread indignation on social networks, Internet users having called for the person responsible for these acts to be prosecuted.

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