justice refuses the appointment of an expert to examine orcas

One Voice had initiated summary proceedings to obtain the appointment of an expert whose mission would have been to establish the clinical assessment of the condition of Moana and Inouk. The court rejected this request and “dismissed” the animal rights association of “all of its requests”.

The Marineland park considered that “justice is not fooled” by rejecting “all the allegations of One Voice”.

Ideological biases?

For the park, the argument of the association “is only based on reports established on ideological convictions and not on precise, objective and verifiable facts”.

The judge, adds the park, notes “in view of the scientific elements presented by Marineland, that all the necessary care is taken to them” and that “the quality of the waters is attested by biological analyzes”.

The health of the orcas in question

This deliberation is “representative of the path still to be traveled to defend captive orcas”, lamented for its part One Voice in a press release. “We are not giving up in our fight for the orcas held at Marineland: Wikie, Moana, Keijo and Inouk”.

One Voice assured that the apparent state of the two killer whales and the state of the water in the basins required the appointment of an expert. Inouk, a 20-year-old male killer whale, is said to be suffering from “chronic and extensive dental lesions” and Moana, a 10-year-old male, born in captivity, is said to have “subdermal tissue damage”.

But the court, in view of the documents provided, found that teething problems in killer whales due to extreme wear are observed both in captivity and in the wild.

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