Kaspa and its cross-market Uplift – There is no better time for AltSignal’s presale

Kaspa (KAS) recently experienced what is known as a cross-market rally, giving the platform some welcome assistance in the first month of Q3 2023. However, as investors take time to consider the viability of potential returns with Kaspa’s scalable and energy-efficient blockchain, AltSignals’ presale ASI continues to defy expectations.

With $1.12 million generated during the presale, there seems to be no better time for investors looking to get involved in this new AI-driven crypto development.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is an online trading community that launched in 2017 and has grown rapidly to serve its 50,000 strong community with leading trading signals across a variety of markets including daily crypto trading, Binance Futures, forex, CFDs and traditional stock trading. Its popular trading tool AltAlgo™ has provided its community with highly accurate signals, with an average success rate of 64%.

However, not wanting to rest on their laurels, AltSignals has announced the development of a brand new AI-powered trading tool, ActualizeAI, to increase the success rate to over 80%. This new entity will harness the power of multiple AI technologies, including machine learning, automatic language processing (NLP), predictive modeling, sentiment analysis and regressive learning to increase the volume, frequency and accuracy of its trading signals. As the algorithms mature, the platform will continue to increase its success rate over time.

ActualizeAI strives to continuously roam the markets by analyzing vast amounts of market data, including price indicators, and balancing the risk/reward ratio to provide its users with buy/sell prices that are optimal to maximize their profitability.

How does UPS work?

The ASI presale event was launched to support the development and construction of ActualizeAI and power the entire AltSignals ecosystem. In addition to gaining immense utility and full governance control through coin ownership, ASI token holders can take advantage of the platform’s staking capacity to earn a passive return.

Investors with over 50,000 coins can gain an immediate advantage in all markets by unlocking direct access to AltAlgo™ and, once it goes live, lifetime access to ActualizeAI. In addition, all token holders can join the elite AI Members Club and enjoy several exciting benefits and special offers.

These include access to lucrative online trading tournaments, investment opportunities such as early access to top public and private pre-sale events, and the ability to beta test new features and new products, with crypto rewards available for each piece of feedback. All this makes ASI Presale a very compelling investment opportunity for 2023.

ASI Price Prediction: Can It Reach $0.50 in 2025?

AltSignals is in a privileged position with respect to most cryptocurrency presale events thanks to the existing support of a highly reliable platform and a huge existing user base. AltSignals now expects demand for the tokens to increase as more users recognize the potential of the AI-powered trading stack and the associated utility built into the ASI token.

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With the presale currently in Phase 2 and available at just $0.01875, which will drop to $0.02274 before going public, all signs point to a bright future for this leading AI cryptocurrency. Analysts predict that the coin could generate a return of more than 25 times by 2025 for pre-sale investors when the price crosses the $0.50 mark.

What is Kaspa?

Kaspa is a community blockchain developed to overcome the many challenges of first-generation blockchain providers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With a unique blockDAG approach that generates up to 100 blocks per second, Kaspa can deliver instant transaction functionality and fast block execution times.

The platform runs on a proof of work (PoW) protocol that uses the kHeavyHash algorithm to provide power-saving operations. This allows Kaspa to avoid waste, which improves network security and has less impact on environmental resources than many other blockchain providers. A modified version of the SHA-256 protocol supports the kHeavyHash algorithm to maintain excellent network security.

KAS price prediction for 2025

Kaspa recently completed an update aimed at increasing transaction speed and reducing hardware requirements. Furthermore, KIP 3 was recently revealed to introduce “Block Sampling” to increase mining efficiency and fairness.

These improvements and new features have combined to give KAS a bright future, and analysts expect the coin, which is currently trading at $0.0253, to rise by over 300% to reach 0.0887. $ in 2025. Current investors will thus benefit from attractive returns, but overshadowed by those from ASI.

Kas vs. ASI: What is the best crypto investment?

KAS and ASI are able to offer investors favorable returns over the next two years. This will be due to the expected return of a bull market, complemented by upgrades to Kaspa and the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities to AltSignals.

However, the ASI coin offers investors a clear winner between the two, as ASI’s returns are likely to eclipse those available to KAS investors, giving ASI holders a clear advantage. With market-leading usage levels driven by AI, governance and an attractive use case that gives traders an edge, ASI is one of the best crypto investments in 2023.

Now is the time for keen investors to take advantage of ASI’s pre-sale price and avoid missing out on a real bargain.

You can participate in presale ASI here.

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