Kryll: already the best solution to create your trading bot in 2024?

The real cryptobot. The year 2024, which has just begun, promises to be explosive for the cryptocurrency market. For example, we are waiting for Bitcoin halving known for his unusual speculative virtues. At the same time, BTC has become the darling of the traditional financial markets with spot ETFs in the starting blocks. However, even the best possible uptrend never expresses itself in a straight line. This is why a choice partner suffers Crawl the platform could quickly prove to be indispensable. This in order to automate your crypto journey to do it both safely and profitably, with less of the trader’s heart attack…

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Kryll.

What better way to measure the relevance of a project than to look at its actual results. In the field, Crawl the platform establishes himself as a very good student.

Actually more than 87% of strategies launched by users were positive on January 1, 2024. Not everyone can say the same! Especially if we consider it resistance to two bear markets as a demonstration of its strong capacity for resilience.

This essential actor on the stage crypto trading bots made in France constantly sharpening his tools over time. With the main goal stated, a relentless commitment to aim for “excellence and satisfaction for its users”. But also the possibility for the latter to create their own trading robots to “carry out transactions with speed and efficiency greater than human capabilities”.

How to succeed in your crypto bull run?
Kryll is the ideal partner to successfully manage a crypto bull run

“Designed for both beginners and experienced traders, these community bots automate trades according to pre-defined criteria, ensuring a constant presence in the market and taking advantage of opportunities, even in your absence. »


But the team doesn’t stop there and also offers educational content, like in this real tutorial meant to explain how to succeed in your crypto bull run. If the current trend is absolutely bullishthis celebration will only be beneficial in respect certain necessary conditions.

Kryll: the partner for optimized and profitable trading

Because cryptocurrency trading don’t improvise. This activity requires both knowledge to analyze the market, but also the ability to determine the correct entry and exit points. Because the simplest thing is not necessarily to make a profit. You still need to know take them on time without giving in to panic or FOMO.

In fact, the crypto investor’s worst enemy is not the high volatility of this digital economy. It is much more often a question of his inability to control his emotions. This is why trading bots developed on the Kryll platform are fast much more effective in making decisions justified and respect the framework of a strategy defined in advance.

Kryll: the partner for optimized and profitable tradingKryll: the partner for optimized and profitable trading
Kryll trading bots help overcome investor sentiment or bias

“Rational investment decision-making is essential to achieving long-term financial goals. It involves making investment choices based on factual information, logical reasoning and objective analysis rather than emotion or bias. But (…) even the most experienced investors can sometimes fall prey to behavioral biases that cause them to make suboptimal investment decisions. »


Because the Kryll platform allows both make your own trading bots with complete simplicity, but also hire one of the automated strategies suggested by other users and available at marketplace dedicated. A choice that can be made according to several criteria – separate or combined – such as performance, recommended trading pairs and a precise risk indicator.

2023: a crucial year for the development of Kryll

The year 2023 will have been very intense for the Kryll platform development teams. In fact, several improvements and updates have been continuously made during this period to make its tools more efficient and accessible. Like recently, enrich the experience offered to users of the Kryll trading bot editor.

2023: a crucial year for the development of Kryll2023: a crucial year for the development of Kryll
Many improvements have been made to the Kryll project in 2023

“2023 was a pivotal year for Kryll, marked by technological advancements, continued growth and a renewed commitment to our community. We are proud of these achievements and remain excited to continue to innovate and shape the future of cryptocurrency trading. »– Krill

But others important steps has also been achieved over the past year to closely support the trade fine revolution. Here are some of the most symbolic:

Building on its success and its ongoing innovations, the Kryll platform celebrated the symbolic milestone last November. 180,000 trading robots created and 10 million backtests made since launch. A real one proof of trust from an ever-growing community to request its services.

2024: a year full of promise with Kryll2024: a year full of promise with Kryll
Based on its numerous developments in the past year, the Kryll platform is preparing for an explosive year 2024

2024: a crypto market full of promise with Kryll

But that was without counting the program included timetable of Kryll for 2024.

With first and foremost one opening its services to the traditional market (stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.). Or again, the announced arrival of a tool KryllGPT meant to bring power artificial intelligence (AI) to its trading bot creators. Finally, the support for decentralized platforms (DEX) in order to be able to implement automated strategies. A whole program!

The year 2024 is coming rich in possibilities in the cryptocurrency market. But it is the best-armed who will again be able to profit from this risky game. A preparation in which you can participate actively Crawl the platform and its many automated strategies. This in order to chart the path towards a ” cryptocurrency trading more accessible and secure To everyone “.

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