Kryll automated trading: why does Coinbase believe in it so much?

Nice, capital of the Côte d’Azur. Its pan bagnat, its Baie des Anges and … crypto Kryll.

Four years of effort will have been necessary to survive in the food chain of a bear market which has seen the extinction of more than one promising concept. The small French company (turned big) is now reaping the fruits of hard work by snatching what many observers consider to be the holy grail: a listing on Coinbase.

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Powerful tools to approach automated trading with confidence

Kryll is above all a community platformallowing the creation and implementation of a complete automated trading strategy, with ease. Thanks to an extremely intuitive interfaceboth experienced and novice investors can create real virtual traders following a strategy predefined by them.

Thus, they will automatically accumulate many digital assets offered by various partner crypto-exchanges: Kucoin, Liquid, Bittrex, Binance, FTX, Kraken and now the famous Coinbase exchange. The principle is simple, you have at your disposal several configurable blocks, via which you define your own technical patterns that this “bot” will apply with precision : buy/sell according to this or that technical indicator combined with such another (Bollinger, Ichimoku, the list is long…).

The result is endless combination possibilities.. In fact, by dragging, dropping and linking these icons to create a “flow”, you will set up a personal trading logic (strategy) that you can deploy on various platforms by API link.

Kryll offers a rich and clear interface to develop your trading bots

If you don’t feel like an analyst capable of deciphering trends, don’t worry, the team has thought of you: the platform also offers a marketplace, real hit parade of very many winning strategiesoffered for rent by the creators themselves. A veritable digital goldmine to be tested and implemented directly from your PC, but also through mobile applications, via IOS and Android, without installing anything on your computer since everything works in the cloud.

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An effective, relevant solution, now recognized within the ecosystem

Kryll is a formidable platform of efficiency, pure nugget of fintech which could not logically remain confined to deep waters any longer, the figures speak for themselves: 70,000 users for more than 2.8 billion dollars traded, a strongly growing close-knit community and ever-increasing metrics. Therefore, it was enough to whet the appetite of the giant of the sector, the queen of crypto-exchanges Coinbase.

The crypto whales on the Coinbase exchange are very hungry for trading tools like Kryll that will allow them to accumulate Bitcoins
For big players on the Coinbase exchange, the Kryll trading tool is a great opportunity

As a reminder, this real crypto institution created in 2012 claims more than 43 million users in a hundred countries, and daily volumes amounting to nearly 6 billion dollars. The result is a fully regulated American champion and listed on the stock exchange for a value exceeding 100 billion dollars.

Coinbase believes in it, why not you?

An essential platform that offers over a hundred cryptocurrencies swap as well as purchase via bank card and SEPA transfer. A company with multiple ramifications which has the power to make the success of the projects it dubs. This is today the case of Kryll, and as expected, the results were not long in coming.

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» The launch of the KRL (Kryll) token on Coinbase is a great success. As a market leader, the Kryll platform continues to grow its audience and the acquisition of KRL as a utility token on the platform is a key point. Being available on Coinbase (which is one of the largest exchanges in the world and among the most rigorous in terms of the availability of listed assets) now allows millions of users around the world to simply acquire KRL and brings legitimacy to our project, thus strengthening our international development. »

Luca BenevoloCEO of and Founder

New opportunities for Kryll and its community

Of course, we can note a jump in capitalization which experienced a meteoric rise at the end of the year. A well-deserved reward for a motivated team and an entire loyal community who have kept the platform alive and evolving.

But the most beautiful is undoubtedly to come since this listing on Coinbase has just propelled Kryll and its token the $KRL into a new dimension. At stake, trading volumes inevitably increased tenfold, and an obviously reinforced and now indisputable legitimacy.

Coinbase could provide the boost Kryll needs to reach the highest levels of capitalization in the crypto industry with its automated trading solution.
This Coinbase listing could propel Kryll and its automated trading solution to the stars

Cascading novelties and innovations to celebrate the event

Many announcements who also come to illustrate the energy that the news has instilled in the team:

  • The “Futures” will make their big appearance in 2022, as an extension of the beta version already deployed on this aspect.
  • The marketplace will be refurbished with a V2 coming before the end of the year.
  • New exchanges and partnerships are also in sightwith probable developments abroad.
  • New tools will be made available strategy editors for ever more refined flows.

It is a new era that is certainly dawning for Kryll and all of its Kryllians. An opportunity to mark history that all the actors seem determined not to let go. But also a major challenge for the French nugget which must conquer a new audience to claim the big leagues.

So, to surf the Coinbase wave, Kryll will soon offer a “free trial” in order to let you test live the potential of a true French technological flagship with a bright future ahead of it. But if you can’t wait any longer, don’t hesitate to sign up now via our affiliate link, you will earn 30% off your trading fees for 2 weeks, and you will support your crypto media at the same time. prefer !

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