Launchpad XYZ can make you a successful retailer

Trading is not easy. There are many parameters to consider to optimize its performance. With the advent of web3, practice has become even more complex. Fortunately, Launchpad XYZ will soon offer solutions to interested users.

Launchpad XYZ, a hub for web3

Launchpad XYZ wants above all to create a hub for the web3. The platform wants to offer a human view and simplified access to the best blockchain projects. Be it NFTs, play to earn play or any other token, Launchpad XYZ offers a real window on the web3.

The project is thus positioned as a real bridge between web2 and web3. The platform is of course oriented towards the user, but also towards the projects and their teams. Every web3 actor will thus be able to benefit from the tools, functions and other infrastructures that are made available.

Access to Play-to-Earn projects

One of the platform’s strengths lies primarily in access to play-to-earn projects. In fact, this industry has grown significantly in recent years. The possibilities in terms of investment and trade are therefore very real. This is why Launchpad XYZ gives its users access to a real catalog of games to play to earn.

Investors will thus be able to have an overview of the potential return of each project and the number of participants. It will also be possible to watch other users play and interact with other viewers during games. It is clear that in connection with the trading tools on the comma platform, it will also be possible to invest in tokens from these various play-to-earn games.

In close connection with web3 and play-to-earn games we naturally find the concept of metaverse. If this still imposes itself as a somewhat abstract idea, many projects focused on the metaverse have already been completed. At the same time, others are in full development.

Launchpad XYZ will therefore offer its users the opportunity to browse among a large selection of different metaverse projects. Investors will thus be able to better choose the projects they want to invest in. Access to metaverse projects will thus be simplified and demystified so that the general public can contribute.

A decentralized exchange for cryptos and NFTs

One of the focal points of the project revolves around the decentralized exchange offered by Launchpad XYZ. In fact, this one will suggest not only more than 100 pairs available for tradebut also many P2P trading offers for NFTs.

At the same time, users will also be able to place their LPX, the platform’s native token, in staking to create passive income. Staking will also allow you to obtain reductions on the fees charged by the platform.

Launchpad XYZ trading terminal

On the side of the Launchpad XYZ trading terminal we find aa full-fledged crypto trading platform. More indicators will of course be available, and users will also have access to the most familiar trading functions such as market buying, stop loss and margin trading.

The assets available on the trading platform will of course be linked to the projects offered by Launchpad XYZ. However, it is important to note that the projects thus proposed and their tokens will be carefully selected by Launchpad XYZ. To offer only the best projects at the moment, the platform will use over 400 checkpoints for each project. Investors will thus be sure to invest only in projects that have previously been verified and recognized as reliable.

LPX pre-sale is underway

Currently, the platform is organizing the presale of its token, LPX. This is priced at $0.0445. At present, the pre-sale has already raised the sum of approximately $843k. The price of the token on the day of its listing will be $0.0565. Users who are interested in the trading features of the platform should therefore hurry to invest before the end of the pre-sale. This will end when all the 250,000,000 LPX reserved for the presale will have been sold, bringing funds totaling $12,506,250.

The LPX token is available on the Ethereum network. It can therefore be purchased in exchange for ETH or USDT. An investment today will yield a return of 26.97% at IPO. For information, this is scheduled for the 3rdth quarter 2023.


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