Le Bivouak, restaurant by the river, wants to open this summer in Moulins (Allier)

Whatever the cell, it’s the excitement, in the former DDE, between the Allier river and the D2009, a stone’s throw from the Régemortes bridge in Moulins.

he building hosts three simultaneous construction sites. If we look at it with the Allier in the back, we have, on the left, the canoe-kayak corner, in the middle the Bivouak and its terrace and, on the right, the house of the river. Three distinct cells.

The Bivouak, the river restaurant, is thus occupied by private entrepreneurs who have signed a lease with the Moulins community local authority (which manages the river house and which announced at the end of June that it should not open until mid-September).

The opening of the Maison de la Rivière in Moulins will ultimately not take place this summer

The turbo on the works

At the very beginning of July, at the Bivouak, there was a site visit with Céline, administrative manager, and Yannick, the restaurant’s future head waiter.
The 30-metre-long terrace was well underway (one-third complete), as electricians were busy amid the boxes for the kitchen.

The date of July 20 is always a goal – “we hope! – all the trades have put the turbo.

“We also take into account the time required for a start-up. Everything is blank, it’s a blank page, there will necessarily be a break-in period”.
We can already see what this will give. The large, high-ceilinged room will accommodate “eighty seats, including a more intimate VIP area,” says the administrative manager. “We will have a central fireplace, a corner bar and these doors, which open onto the terrace, open like an accordion”.
The main entrance should be from the street side. “Eurovia still has all the exterior work to do”. All the recruitments have been made: “For the Bivouak, there are twenty-five people”.

As for the Paillote, it should open Monday, July 11.

Mathilde Duchatelle

Photos: François-Xavier Gutton


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