Ledger reinvents institutional trading with TradeLink

Ledger is a famous manufacturer of hardware wallets. Constantly in search of innovation, he now tackles institutional trading. On June 28, it will unveil its latest innovation: Ledger Enterprise TradeLink. Find out how TradeLink is redefining the institutional trading landscape.

Updated on 07/01/2023 at 15:01

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Since the beginning of the year, Ledger has multiplies innovation in order to best meet the needs of its customers. In particular, reference is made to the launch of Ledger Recover and Ledger Nano X.

This time, Ledger is diversifying its activities beyond hardware wallets. To better position itself in the institutional trading market, it offers TradeLink. it is a tailor-made solution which facilitates OTC trading. In fact, TradeLink brings together access to several brokers on a single platform. It thus offers institutional traders a varied source of liquidity without the hassle of multiple remittances.

That’s not all! Ledger’s TradeLink guarantees active safety. It allows investors to deposit money with several players instead of operating with a single custodian bank. This is useful for diversifying counterparty risk and avoiding bankruptcy situations.

Specifically, institutional investors benefit from:

  • simplified access to cash from several brokers,
  • greater flexibility in the management of funds,
  • a reliable blockchain infrastructure

And since Ledger defines itself more as a service provider (and not a financial intermediary), that will only apply no additional costs on transactions. Institutional traders benefit from predictable operating costs. Thanks to TradeLink, they will even be able to easily comply with legal requirements.

A transparent and revolutionary operating system

TradeLink offers secure API connections. These provide seamless integration with existing systems of institutional investors. This facilitates the exchange of information and the rapid completion of transactions. But not only! It also improves the overall efficiency of the trading process.

Since security is a top priority for Ledger, institutional investors will benefit from the same advanced technology used in the hardware wallets. Digital assets are stored securely and transactions are signed locally. What to guarantee maximum protection against malicious attacks.

To help institutional investors comply with applicable regulatory standards, TradeLink even offers transaction traceability. This new solution from Ledger provides detailed reporting to facilitate compliance and risk management.

“TradeLink enables asset managers, custodians and exchanges to confidently navigate the ever-changing crypto industry”, said S├ębastien Badault, Vice President Revenue for the Ledger Enterprise division. One thing is certain, the launch of TradeLink brands a new step in the expansion of Ledger. It remains to be seen whether the tool will be interesting for institutional investors!

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