Lithium is Elon Musk’s next challenge

After buying Twitter, Elon Musk may have found his next challenge: producing lithium for the electric batteries of his Teslas himself. “Currently, the extraction and refining of lithium has become a limiting factor”worried the American billionaire during the presentation of the results of the car manufacturer, on April 20.

The batteries of electric vehicles contain on average only 2 to 3% lithium, or 5 kg per car. But the explosion in demand for these low-carbon cars is overheating the white metal market. In one year, the ton of lithium hydroxide went from 15,000 dollars to nearly 80,000 dollars. Prices “insane”worries Elon Musk, which increase the final cost of electric cars and could slow down the electrification of road mobility, a sector in urgent need of decarbonization.


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