LogX, decentralized commerce boosted with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings innovation and opens opportunities for accelerated development in many areas. Between these, blockchain finds obvious points of convergence both on infrastructure issues and on the storage and secure sharing of data. But if there is one discipline where the contribution of AI takes on its full significance, it is cryptocurrency trading. LogX is part of this logic to offer traders high performance tools capable of autonomy and learning using AI. Let’s figure it out together.

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What is LogX?

LogX is the latest product launched by Bangalore-based Flint Labs, India’s largest high-tech hub. Crypto investors for many years, the co-founders have long been aware of the enormous potential of DeFi, but also its disadvantages. For example, merchants are increasingly adopting layer two (L2) solutions to take advantage of their throughput performance. But the liquidity is not there yet. It is based on this observation that the team adjusts its goals so that trade in decentralized finance (DeFi) finally surpasses the centralized experience (CeFi).

In May 2023, Flint Labs launches LogX, the world’s first “perps” aggregator with cross-chain routing. This means that regardless of which blockchain is used, you benefit from an expanded liquidity pool with a low slip rate regardless of the size of your transaction. This abundance is made possible thanks to the amalgamation of the best DEXs of the moment. In addition, the transaction costs are especially contained in the intelligent distribution of large orders across multiple sources of liquidity.

LogX the L2 perpetual futures DEX

But that’s not all! Flint Labs wants to stand out from other perpetual futures platforms by offering tools that truly meet the needs of traders. To do this, LogX recently published its manifesto which introduces artificial intelligence to offer its users an enriched trading experience. No more hours of observing charts looking for the ideal pattern! Bots help you make the right decisions at the right time.

LogX has just published its trading and AI manifesto
The announcements often come from LogX protocol Twitter account

A definition of the financial product is necessary. Perpetual futures contracts, or perps, are so-called “derivative contracts” without an expiry date, allows traders to speculate on asset prices indefinitely. The funding rate mechanism helps keep perpetual futures prices close to the spot price of the underlying asset.

The use of leverage is a key element of these contracts. It allows traders to control larger positions with less capital, but it also comes with increased risk. This functionality should therefore be treated with caution and judgment.

LogX Manifesto: Artificial Intelligence at the disposal of traders

AI-enhanced tools are available at Pro version of LogX but their access is limited because it is still in the testing phase. However, you can already get a preview of future services. LogX will initially offer:

  • One more Perpetuals Grid bot take advantage of market fluctuations ;
  • A Perpetuals DCA bot that adapts the strategy according to the market trend.
LogX wants to revolutionize commerce "perps" thanks to its botsLogX wants to revolutionize commerce "perps" thanks to its bots
AI bots are coming to LogX

You will be able to choose from the strategies specially designed for each type of bot, the ones that suit you best. These tools will allow you to save time by automating trades which will give you time to hone your strategies. In addition, the use of bots avoids being dominated by emotions during periods of high volatility.

To reward your use of the Platform, LogX offers you $LOGX tokens which will be available after TGE. To do this, simply perform the following actions:

  • Trade on LogX OG;
  • trading on LogX Pro;
  • provide liquidity;
  • sponsor users (this unlocks your earnings);
  • participate in LogX events.

Opportunities multiplied by innovation

Above all, the LogX team announces that it wants to explore everyone possible applications that AI offers to improve the trading experience. And the views are staggering. Judge instead:

  • AI-powered market responsive strategies

Use AI to continuously monitor and analyze market conditions, using indicators like EMA to accelerate or decelerate long/short positions. AI can actually monitor deviations and adjust strategies to align with overall trading goals.

  • Automated indicator execution

AI algorithms are able to interpret technical indicators such as ROI, MACD and Bollinger Bands, facilitating automated execution of trades based on these signals. This integration allows traders to utilize technical analysis effortlessly.

These few exploration opportunities suggest the development of tools that will surely reinvent the art of trading. LogX can with its experiments in artificial intelligence truly change the DeFi landscape by opening this sector to a much wider audience. This is the whole point their manifesto, which they invite you to discover.

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