Lot et Garonne. Dozens of sheep slaughtered by wandering dogs

In Lavergne, dozens of sheep were massacred. (© Illustration Audrey Gruaz)

For the second time in less than two weeks, the breeding of Laurent Brolèse at
Lavergne, was attacked by two stray dogs.

23 ewes and lambs

Result: 23 sheep and lambs, slaughtered or having had to be euthanized more than ten
missing including babies and nursing mothers…

“Seeing sheep in the morning in my yard instead of being 1km away, I understood”.

Laurent Brolesebreeder in Lavergne

Already in 2018

4 years ago a similar attack wiped out eleven of its beasts and had hurt so many. And now twice in quick succession, on the nights of June 23 and July 4, 2022, the attacks have resurfaced.

This time, they would have been perpetrated by a Malinois and a Labrador. They would have been recognized, the second even reported to its owner.

wild dogs

These two dogs are left to themselves at night, yet in just a few months of presence in Lauzun, they are already known for bites and attacks on chicken coops!

Laurent Brolese

So with his neighbours, Jean Marboutin and Maxime Laforêt, also sheep breeders on
Roumaguey, day and night monitoring is required.

The insurance expert of the first attack had still not passed that day, and if the mayors of Lauzun and Lavergne support the breeder, to date, Laurent Brolèse and his neighbors can only fear a new massacre in all impunity…

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