Manga artist Kentaro Sato demands $1 billion from Elon Musk for using his drawing without permission

Mr. Elon Musk does not give one. And maybe it’s always been that way, only that before we didn’t know it and now it’s spoiling in the eyes of the whole world being present day after day, in one of the biggest speakers imaginable, Twitter , his latest controversial and vaunted acquisition.

Twitter has become Mordor

And it is that the one who is involved in Twitter is órdago. Predictably (although it seems the only one who didn’t know what it was was Musk himself), the loss of value as a symbol of authenticity that was the small mark blue verification has turned everything upside down in social. network.

We are no longer just talking about more or less lucky jokes like the ones we were talking about the other day, it is that directly, the identity theft of certain large companies is causing them to lose billions of dollars. And it’s anyone who can spend $8, put the verification stamp on a fake account, and with a single tweet bring down the pharma or gun makers in the bag.

It’s more than possible that lawsuits will start raining down on Musk given the scale of the problem. Meanwhile, the tycoon dedicates himself to making jokes that only seem to amuse him. This is the case that concerns us. Posting a meme on Twitter with a characteristic drawing from Magical Girl Site, its author, Kentaro Sato, retweeted it with the following message:

“Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, put a picture of me on Twitter without permission, so please give me a billion for usage fees. In dollars”.

The mangaka, neither small nor lazy, took the opportunity to publicize his work in the following thread. As it is very rare for his application to prosper, there is nothing better than earning a few yen by selling his work. For the rest, the world goes to bed without knowing what Elon Musk will roll the next day. A without experiencing this, listen.

Source | Kotaku

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