Market. Trade champion, Lille is the club that best sells its players in the world

Lille is a world champion in trade. At least that is what appears in a study by the football observatory CIES, which ranked the 50 best and 50 worst clubs in the world in terms of trading (buying and reselling) players.

Sale of Pépé, Osimhen, Botman…

The calculations, in millions of euros, take into account transactions from players not from training centers and stretch from 2014 to 2023. In this game, therefore, it is the Lille club that holds the rope (386 million in profit, CIES also mentions the sale of Nicolas Pépé, Victor Osimhen and Sven Botman) ahead of Ajax Amsterdam (317 million), Salzburg (233 million) and Monaco (218 million). The Red Bull galaxy is doing very well, as it is Leipzig that closes the top 5 with 216 million euros in profit…

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Indeed, the last major successful operations of LOSC concern the sale of Nicolas Pépé to Arsenal (bought for 10 million euros in 2017, he was resold for 80 million in 2019), Victor Osimhen to Napoli (bought for 12 million euros in 2019, he was resold for 75 million) and Sven Botman in Newcastle (bought for 8 million euros in 2020, he was resold for 40 million in 2022).

The sale of Victor Osimhen to Napoli had given Lille a nice added value. | PHOTO: PASCAL ROSSIGNOL ARCHIVE / REUTERS

The sale of Victor Osimhen to Napoli had given Lille a nice added value. | PHOTO: PASCAL ROSSIGNOL ARCHIVE / REUTERS

These statistics are likely to cause a lot of chatter in football circles. And Lille supporters will not refrain from debating the subject. Especially since the current leaders, led by President Olivier Létang, complain about their current lack of resources to recruit.

It should also be noted that this study does not take into account the sale of players from the training center. It will therefore not include the future sale of defender Leny Yoro, who could break records, although Olivier Létang, despite the interest of PSG and several big European teams, seems closed to the idea of ​​a departure this winter, for Little defensive nugget. , under contract until 2025.

Barça dunce cap

Regarding the clubs with a negative balance, FC Barcelona takes the prize with a deficit of 631 million (1,244 million expenses to 613 million income), ahead of Chelsea (-483 million), Arsenal (-436) and PSG (-410 million) .

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