McDonald’s launches McChocoNuts with Daim available at McCafé!

McDonald’s has just released a very gourmet news. In fact, McChocoNuts au Daim is now available in all McCafé.

McDonald’s has just released a brand new sweet McCafé burger. The latter is called McChocoNuts and will make big fans of Daim happy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

What’s new at McDonald’s this winter

This winter, McDonald’s has never ceased to amaze us. Take effect, the fast food brand releases new recipes, outfits and even accessories that bear his image. Thus this month of November 2022 celebrated the return famous Christmas socks. Each more original than the next, this new collection offers a choice for the most loyal customers. There are therefore 4 models that remind us of the holiday atmosphere.

Also this year, very original burgers designed for the World Cup came out to McDonald’s. In Brazil, recipes such as McBrasil or McFrança were thus available. Of country sandwich therefore, which will appear every day.

In addition, McDonald’s has thought of everything to accompany people this winter. Actually last month two new hot drinks have arrived. Then the sign reveals a new hot chocolate described as a “silky candy made with chocolate syrup”. Thus, the brand’s fans are happy with its sweet drink that comforts during the cold period.

But today, McDonald’s reveals another sweet news. In fact, McChocoNuts au Daim arrives at the American brand. This highly gourmet dessert will be available at McCafé. MCE TV tells you more!

The very gourmet McChocoNuts with Daim

Tired of versions “classic” or the ones that are always the same? One thing is for sure, McDonald’s has the means to innovate. In fact, the fast food giant has just released its new version of the sweet burger, McChocoNuts. This recipe will therefore be available in the McCafé space. A great opportunity for fans of the channel who are impatiently waiting for new releases.

Désarmai, the McCafé brand, offers McChocoNuts with stripes of Daim. After McNutella, and in addition to M&M’s version, McDonald’s wants to vary the pleasures. Thereby, this new version of the sweet burger promises an unforgettable taste experience.

The preparation of the burger remains the same as its previous one. This recipe is actually served warm for pure instant pleasure this winter. Its flavor, chocolate nuts, is that of hazelnut chocolate. But that’s not all. Take effect, Crunchy pieces of Daim are added to the recipe. Just like the version of McFlury Suede that fans love so much. To add a final gourmet touch, a peanut butter topping also completes this sweet brioche bread burger.

Thus, McChocoNuts with strips of Daim is now available in the McCafé space at McDonald’s. Well, hurry because this irresistible dessert remains in limited supply ! So who wants to taste this little treat at the moment? To be continued !

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