Montpellier: He offered €1,000 for a chef… He found it!

To remedy the lack of seasonal workers, Boris Leclercq, boss of the Bambino Rocco, had promised €1,000 to anyone who would find him a chef. We went to see him again.

Bet won! Like many of his colleagues, Boris Leclercq, at the head of several establishments in Montpellier, had difficulty recruiting. Two months ago, in his Bambino Rocco restaurant located in the Ecusson, he lacked two employees: a chef and a pizza maker. But Boris Leclercq does not despair. Never. He then offers to offer €1,000 to whoever finds him his chef. The proposal, launched on social networks, is creating a buzz. “I’m not one to give up. I innovated to communicate better. This allowed me to do some interviews. » This jovial and prankish boss then turns into real headhunters. And this week, his efforts finally paid off: he found his chef!

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“It’s a spontaneous application”

“It is a spontaneous application, announces Boris Leclercq. He saw my advertisement on a recruitment site. As he is an invested chef, the current passed very quickly. He starts his trial period this morning. If this proves conclusive, the new employee will receive the €1,000 himself, since he presented himself. In total, a hundred candidates came to knock on the door of his restaurant. Among them, alas, few serious profiles. “Five or six only”he counts. “When you are looking for quality, it takes time. »

In pursuit of excellence…

At Bambino Rocco, the products are fresh. And 100% artisanal food. “I am demanding on the quality of food and cooking. Make customers travel, I attach a lot of importance to it! » For him, cooking is above all a story of value. “A way to express yourself and give love to others. With this chef, we share these values. » Hence this requirement also for its staff. But all is not settled.

A before/after COVID

The big season has arrived and the problems persist. The boss still deplores departures and few are compensated. “There was a before and an after covid. Already, before, it was not very simple… But since then, it has deteriorated. » The boss remains optimistic despite everything. And above all, full of resources. He now offers osteopathy sessions, to allow his team to approach the season as calmly as possible.

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