Moon App: advanced crypto trading for everyone

To the moon app. While the crypto market is on the rise again, players in this digital economy are competing with each other to innovate to offer the best possible tool to investors. A race with multiple features for a common goal: make the most of the bull market which towers over the horizon. In this quest, the market for lowcap and nanocap tokens often remains the hunting ground of a few rare daredevils who are attracted by potential very attractive returns. To remedy this, the project Moon Appimplemented on the Injective blockchain, provides high performance advanced trading tools for individual investors and traders.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Moon App.

A new generation of launch pad

The crypto landscape can sometimes look like an inhospitable forest populated by tokens with many faces. However, this abundance undoubtedly hides the next speculative treasure you should invest in. But this reward will only be available to explorers equipped with the right application to decode the signals.

That is why the project Moon App recently appeared. An application supported by former members of the Kraken, Binance and DAO Maker platforms. With the main purpose, the desire to offer a launch platform new generation on the Injective network meant to welcome the future of finance.

A new generation of launch pad
The various functions of the Moon App

But the Moon app is much more than that. It also offers a complete range of professional trading tools. All aimed at crypto traders who are particularly specialized in the small cap sector. Especially since the lack of tools in this particular ecosystem “opens the way to highly profitable inefficiencies “.

“Moon App is the first trading platform that allows trading options superior to a centralized exchange (fast transactions, limit orders and automation) without involving the storage of users’ assets. »

Moon App

Bringing advanced trading technologies to the memecoin market

Because the diagnosis made by the Moon App developers is clear. A clear market gap appears on the small cap crypto market which suffers from problems associated with its emergent nature. However, it should benefit from a full range of effective trading tools to draw all the speculative power out of it.

“Traders do not have access to a comparable level of information, tools, bots and portfolio trackers. Of course, trading lowcap or nanocap tokens – which are mainly memecoins – is subject to higher risks and is not taken seriously by developers. This means that key technologies are yet to is not present there.”

Moon App

Bringing advanced trading technologies to the memecoin marketBringing advanced trading technologies to the memecoin market
Moon App: the most powerful crypto robot in your pocket

This is why the Moon App application offers to bring for the first time the impact of intelligent algorithms (sandwich trading, sniper trading, limit orders and other bots) to this sector that has been neglected for too long. Even more if we consider that Telegram bots specialized in memecoins make it possible to ” capturing over 5 million trade feeswhich represents a 30% month-on-month growth.

Planned launch of APP Token: Moon App’s native utility token

To monetize this experience, the planned launch of utility token APP will be announced for Friday, January 12. ONE operation for which more than 90,000 participants are already registered. With a base price added $0.0067 per unitfor a fully diluted valuation estimated at just over 20 million dollars.

Planned launch of APP Token: Moon App's native utility tokenPlanned launch of APP Token: Moon App's native utility token
Moon App announces imminent launch of APP Utility Token

Of course, this utility token allows you to get rewards linked to their activity on the Moon App platform. But also to participate in buyback operations, or to take advantage of bet return. All with an internal lottery which will be triggered every 20 hours.

“Each successful trade and snipe on Moon App earns a 1% fee. Fees are charged automatically when the balance due exceeds 0.01 BNB or ETH. Part of the turnover is distributed between redemptions of APP tokens, burns and stalking dividends. »

Moon App

THAT APP token list announced for this Friday at 10:00 (UTC). It will be available on many platforms like Bitfinex, Bitget, Gate or even the Uniswap and PancakeSwap DEXs. The opportunity to partner with the “fastest growing launchpad in the Injective network”.

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